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Single Parent House Share?

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Makingit Fri 19-May-17 21:31:16

Wanted to know if anybody would be interested in getting a house share? I am a single mother 1 DD. Work full time. Looking to live in North Leeds but open to other areas. Xx

kalidurga Sun 21-May-17 00:42:38

Hi Makingit It would be good to have a chat

kalidurga Sun 21-May-17 00:44:00

Hi Makingit It would be good to have a chat about this- can you pm me ?

Zolajae Mon 22-May-17 00:23:32

This sounds like a good idea. Also interested if anymore single mums want to share a house in North Leeds? I have 1 boy of 7 years xx

CousinKrispy Wed 23-Aug-17 11:29:25

I know this is an old thread but it will soon be relevant to me. I have a 5 yo girl and am in North Leeds and work full time.

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