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Moving to Southampton with children

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pondjumper Fri 19-May-17 00:15:40

Hi all,
Ive seen a couple of posts covering the subject of where to live with kids but had a few other questions if anyone has any input, please weigh in;)
Were a family relocating from Southern California to the Southhampton area for my husbands job (office located in Ocean Village) I have lived in the UK before (Liverpool and London) so feel comfortable with the move but am not familiar with the area or relocating with children (ages 4 & 6)

Any recommendations for living in the city of Southampton- if so where would you recommend considering the schools locally. We are considering Shirley and Ocean Village.
I have looked in Romsey, Bassett, and a few other areas for homes. We are renting for 2 years so have flexibility. Curdidge and the surrounding areas are on the list, any benefit/negatives to that particular area?
Lastly, are there any local town centres or villages one can recommend exploring? I am open to all options and would love any perspective.
Thanks in advance!

Tutu1000 Fri 19-May-17 18:27:12

What sort of commute is your husband happy to have as Curdridge is a long way out from Ocean Village. I live in Woolston which is across the river from Ocean Village and within walking distance of the city centre. There are good bus links, but rush hour traffic across the Itchen bridge is horrendous.

Most primary schools in the city are classed as good or outstanding, but currently none of the secondary schools are that great, although they do all seem to be improving.

I am not too familiar with living in Shirley, although as a decent shopping area I like it. It has a wide range of houses from large detatched houses to a fairly big council estate so the community is very varied.

What is your budget for renting, and are there any particular things that you would like from an area?

Talkinpeace Fri 19-May-17 21:54:45

Look at Upper Shirley, Bassett or Chilworth or Chandlers Ford
all have good public transport to Ocean Village
and decent schools
and plenty of open space
and professional families

pondjumper Mon 22-May-17 20:31:17

hello all!
Thank you so much for the info! Our budget is 2,500, we will have 2 cars available but prefer to use public and be in walking distance of a town if we aren't in the city. Luckily I only have to worry about primary schools as the job is for 2 years, but not ruling anything out as we may decide to stay.
Is it bad Im shooting for the best of all worlds? (haha)
Ideally, close to the city in an outside town or village, roaming space without being removed, a detached or semi detached home, within easy reach of good schools. Weve looked at a couple of townhouse properties in Ocean Village which seem very nice but am hesitant to commit to the area sight unseen vs an area like Romsey or Bassett. Not particularly wedded to being outside of town, but with 4 moves with kids under the belt, I tend to do better being close to a centralized area. We move without family or friends in place and my husband travels 2 weeks out of the month. For my own sanity it helps to be near others and a community. (also wine, but thats another post;)
Any particular schools recommended? We have no religious affiliation but am hesitant towards Catholic schools only because our children dont have familiarity with Catholic doctrine etc. (it tends to be pretty well integrated into curriculum of catholic schools here, dont know if its different)
any mothers groups to recommend?

Talkinpeace Mon 22-May-17 22:12:56

The only decent Catholic school is Springhill and its mostly sikh (yes really)
So, you want somewhere with friendly people, wine bars, restaurants, buses, trains and car links
or Chandlers Ford
or maybe Bitterne triangle area

vixo Tue 23-May-17 12:55:49

You could look at Highfield too. It's a nice residential area, walking distance to the common and a very easy commute into ocean village - probably easiest by bike. Portswood high street is busy and has lots of cafes and restaurants now.

I don't know which Southampton schools would have places - I doubt Shirley, Highfield, portswood or hollybrook would without going on a waiting list, but you may get lucky as there is sometimes movement. Bassett green school isn't as well regarded but may have space.

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