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Moving to Wilmslow

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Natalie1234567 Tue 16-May-17 20:08:52

Hi all,

We are a family with 2 young children, moving from London to Wilmslow and have seen a place to rent in Lacey Green. Can anyone tell me what Lacey Green is like? Is it a nice place to live? We have looked around Wilmslow and really like it but not sure what Lacey Green is like but seems slightly cheaper. Any advise and opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you smile

CheshireEditor Wed 17-May-17 19:51:22

Hi and welcome to the Cheshire Pages! Lacey Green is a nice area, great primary schools, and walkable into Wilmslow, although steep hill involved. I will tweet this for you to see if we can get you some on the ground advice.

I moved from London to Knutsford about 13 years ago, rented at first as we were not sure where would end up. But we stayed ending up buying the house we rented and extending. Love it here!

Natalie1234567 Thu 18-May-17 15:23:29

Thanks for the info. I'm hearing mixed reviews about Lacey Green but will see how I feel when I get there. Knutsford looks lovely but I can't find much to rent in our price range unfortunately. Thanks again

meladeso Mon 17-Jul-17 21:00:49

hi there
lacey green is much improved, but historically (think, within last 20 years) was mainly council housing, and there were quite a lot of scally kids.
hopefully it's better than that now, but that is certainly why it's cheaper!
wilmslow on the whole is a great place to live, so do definitely go and look.
good luck!

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