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Preston Park to London trains

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Goujonsarestillfingers Tue 16-May-17 18:18:04

Hi all,

So we are considering a move from London down to Brighton. I went to Sussex University and we've loved Brighton forever but not been in a position to leave London until now. My question is - I work from home so I'm fine but dh will have to go into London from work. I see there are direct trains from Preston Park - can anyone advise as to how likely you are to get a seat on these trains in the morning rush hour (around 7:40ish). Any advice very gratefully received!

Brightonagain Wed 24-May-17 14:12:19

Hi there, I had a thread on here too but it's very quiet. We are thinking of moving back to Brighton too having lived in London since we had kids (but, like you, spent a long time living in Brighton pre-kids). As I understand it the trains are pretty crap at the moment but I think there is every hope they will improve. I will probably be working from home too and DH commuting 2/3 days a week. I think if you're not doing it every day it is much more doable. However I do know people doing it every day. I used to many years ago too but that was pre-kids when all I cared about was getting home in time for a drink on the beach smile Sorry I can't directly answer your questions about the Preston Park train but thought I would chip in anyway. We might be looking at property around there too. Currently checking out schools etc, things we didn't even consider when we lived there pre-kids.

Theav Sat 19-Aug-17 21:05:54

On Thameslink services you definitely get a seat around that time, cannot comment on southern.

donkey86 Sun 20-Aug-17 14:33:13

I travel from the main Brighton station to London at around that time every day. Unless there are major problems, trains cancelled and so on, there are always still seats at Preston Park, Hassocks etc. It doesn't tend to get totally full up until Gatwick. Just be aware that not all the trains stop there so you won't have as much choice of times as if you went to the main station.

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