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How to get carpet quickly?

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markvauxhall Wed 10-May-17 19:40:09

Hello all,

First time poster, but I've often found myself being referred to the forums here when Googling for advice or help, so I thought I'd try and see if you might be able to help with an issue my partner and I are having.

We've suffered from some water damage and need to replace a 1x3m stretch of carpet in our hallway.

Everyone we seem to speak with quotes us 4-5 weeks to have someone measure the carpet, then another 8 weeks for the carpet to arrive, etc etc. This was really something we were hoping to fix in weeks, not months, and are staggered at how long it takes to get anything done!

Are there any recommendations for places that could help us replace the carpet quickly?

Alternatively - are there any places (in London or within a 2 hour drive) that carry a large stock where we can just buy and take home the section of carpet we need, and then find someone on Taskrabbit to fit? Recommendations for local people (Lambeth) who could do the job also appreciated!

Any advice very welcome... we're at our wits end trying to get this to happen at anything other than a glacial pace!


Jellybean85 Wed 10-May-17 19:49:55

What about national chains like carpetright? I normally advocate supporting local businesses but this is what national chains should do well. Maybe explain the problem and say your flexible with design and will take whatever's in stock (within reason!)

markvauxhall Wed 10-May-17 19:53:27

We've had a terrible experience with John Lewis trying to get it done, and (I think) Carpetright insist on having someone out to measure, and there's a long lead time on it. Might be worth another try though...

CarveHerNameWithPride Wed 10-May-17 20:51:26

How about the cheap and cheerful place under the arches in Brixton. Budget Carpets. A quick Google says that their actual fitting service is highly unlikely to turn up on time when booked, but they will definitely sell you some physical carpet for you to take away. From my personal experience of waiting in for flooring people you may be best off learning how to fit carpet yourself from YouTube videos.

silkpyjamasallday Wed 10-May-17 21:51:11

Seconding the carpet place under the arches in Brixton, they should just give you the right size carpet to take away yourself but you will definitely be able to get a runner rug from there for in the interim period if cutting carpet to size isn't possible for some reason.

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