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Baron Peverell or Peter Symonds?

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Lizzy41 Wed 10-May-17 12:21:20

Any advice on colleges in Chandlers Ford area? Not a particularly conscientious student but able and sociable. He wants to go to Symonds. Will it be a very hard slog for him? Maths is his best subject but A level Maths looks hard!

SailingWidow Wed 10-May-17 12:50:01

What year is he in now?

We looked at both for DD but she ended up elsewhere as A levels weren't for her.

A level maths is hard. At either of PS or BP he will need a 7 or higher for his GCSE. (It should be less of a step up with the new GCSE spec though.) I wouldn't do it with a just scrape a 7, more like expecting an 8 but might drop down, or at minimum solid 7 iyswim?

PS has the better reputation, but BP seems to be coming up a storm as far as I can see. Our impression was that PS was a step further away from school, pastorally BP seemed a bit better and generally friendlier. PS has the better reputation for science subjects I feel. The hardness of the A levels will be the same either way.

Ask about drop out rates, and how they judge who is allowed to continue to second year. Under the old system of AS exams places could weed out lower achievers to make their headline results look good. Don't know what will happen now ASs are going.

Friends DC complain about overcrowding at PS - no where to go at lunch time, hard to find space to work during the day, busy busses.

Which is easier to get to from you? If they don't have to be in all day it could be useful to be able to just go in for the lessons and go in late / hope early. If you post on the main Secondary Education board you may get a number of responses as there are quite a few Hampshire parents posting there.


Lizzy41 Wed 10-May-17 13:53:19

That does help - thanks. He's in Year 10 but really just goes to school to socialise. We are also considering KES for A levels. What about easier A levels - media studies, photography and other mickey mouse subjects, so they still get to experience sixth form if they aren't studious.Better than getting thrown out perhaps?

SailingWidow Wed 10-May-17 15:57:40

I don't know about less traditional A level subjects. My DD ended up doing a BTEC.

Do you see him going to university? In which case at least 2 reasonably generic traditional academic subjects if he can will keep flexibility.
If not, then maybe better a good BTEC qualification rather than poor A level grades.

Note if they drop out after the first year then they can 'restart' elsewhere on other courses. e.g. Try A levels, and if it doesn't suit then switch to BTEC? BTECs have their own issues though ...

Talkinpeace Wed 24-May-17 22:26:59

Symonds is stronger for Maths and Sciences
Barton more for Arts and Humanities
the two are very different "vibes"
see which "feels" better
Symonds is more brutal about kicking people off courses
lots of threads in education over the years comparing the two

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