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Tutoring for 7+ year 3 entry

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livy1975 Tue 09-May-17 14:38:51

hi, looking for a tutor for my son currently in year 1, to prepare for the Perse, and other independents, 7+ exam at the end of the year. He is bright and achieving age expectations but I am told he needs to be further ahead than this and get familiar with the test format? He is currently in small local village school just outside Royston. Any advice or recommendations welcome.

HereIAm20 Wed 10-May-17 19:27:13

There are sample papers on the Perse website so it may be worth having a look at how he does on those now.

My son is at the Upper School at The Perse. However, I would say that at year 3 entrants it would become very obvious if a child had been tutored merely to pass the test and children may not make it through to the next stage of the school if they aren't keeping up.

I would just keep reading with him and perhaps have a look at year 3 workbooks from WH Smith and do some work from them rather than formal tutoring keeping it low key.

HereIAm20 Wed 10-May-17 19:27:51

*entry not entrants!

BikeRider33 Thu 11-May-17 00:10:57

Have you contacted the school? They certainly used to offer a pre assessment for state school children, but I can't remember when that was in terms of the entrance procedure- maybe early in year 2. Then you got a call and told areas your child might need extra help in, if necessary.

My experience was that the top 1/2-1/3 of the previous nice rural primary class would have been fine at the school, but I know over the last few years all entry points have got more competitive due to increased size of Cambridge.

Do they still do year 2 SATs? If so aiming for 3's across the all exams was about the standard, but this is a few years ago.

mastertomsmum Wed 17-May-17 13:35:17

If the state primary you are at is good on teaching your child will be better equipped than some children attempting to crossover from non Perse pre prep schools in Cambridge. When we left a local prep school at the end of yr 4 and joined the state system, the maths in the state system was much, much harder and more of a priority than in the pre prep and prep at our old school.

We used Tutor Doctor to find a tutor and it has been very helpful.

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