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Living in cowbridge with young kids

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barmouthdreams Mon 08-May-17 10:22:03

Hullo, me and my DH are relocating to South Wales and have a one and four year old. My DH is keen on cowbridge as it would be a shorter commute for him than living in cardiff. I will be a SAHM for a while, probably at least a few years. We currently live in a great city with lots going on . I am a bit worried about finding enough to do in Cowbridge.
Does anyone live there? Is there plenty to do with kids (on a budget!) and will there be opportunities for me to meet people and make friends? I currently like going to talks and discussion groups and book clubs and yoga and watching documentaries and I quite like meditation and stuff like that. But maybe I will find new interests somewhere new!

christie73 Fri 15-Sep-17 15:11:47

Hi barmouthdreams, did you ever make the move? We have a 10 and 12 year old and are thinking of a move to Cowbridge too to be nearer my parents over the border in Gloucestershire. I am really nervous about such a big move and don't know the area very well. My husband surfs so being near the sea is a factor in the move. I was just interested to see how you got on...and if you did make the move, can you recommend nice areas to look at?

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