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Latchmere Recreation Ground Kingston Cafe'

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vincenzoandsanaa Mon 08-May-17 09:44:20

My husband had an idea to regenerate the toilet block in the Latchmere Rec. Ground just in front of Latchmere school.
He set up a web survey
we can all support the idea and leave feedback.
After2 day we had 100 people in favour.
He will create babu changing room and clean toilet.
Please share with all the KT2 postcode resident!
Many thanks

Please complete the survey:

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gingerdoghomes Tue 16-May-17 07:57:47

I've just completed your survey - this is a great idea! As regular users of the park we'd love to support this if it goes ahead. Ginger Dog Homes is a local building company and would definitely do any refurb work at cost and donate some labour!

Lolly49 Thu 01-Jun-17 16:41:48

Sorry my dear but it won't happen.Sooner or later TARAK will get involved and trust me they will do anything to derail it.

OKmum Mon 05-Jun-17 13:14:47

Looking at TARAK's website, under the 'issues' tab, it is said with regards to Latchmere Recreation Ground Pavilion:

"TARAK would like to support the building of such a pavilion which offers facilities to the whole community"

vincenzoandsanaa Mon 05-Jun-17 15:28:54

Hi Both, actally Tarak is fully aware of the project and as it will serve and benefit the park users it is fully backed up. Hopefully we will have something plus in our community.

Ralci Thu 06-Jun-19 15:41:30

What happened with this? This is such a great idea - a cafe would get SO much business at the recreation ground. Like the Canbury Secret - that’s made from old toilet block, but at Latchmere would get all the school run mums too! I hope you’re going ahead with it?

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