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Caldercruix - advice needed

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JuliaNG Sun 07-May-17 19:35:58

Hi girls,

My husband and I were looking for a house and recently find our dream place in Caldercruix. We didn't know the village but visited last Saturday and were really positively impressed , especially considering we have a quite small budget. Anyway, we are about to put a offer when a friend inform us that the area is know for anti-catholic behavior. We are really afraid to move forward with the purchase now as we are both catholic. In addition to that, I am also a immigrant (my husband is British). Can anybody confirm if that is true? I would love to hear from someone from the area.

OhINeedSleep Sun 09-Jul-17 06:30:09

I've lived in Airdrie for a while, quite close to cauldercruix, and found it's very prodestant based - Orange walks several times a year and a lot of the followers very outspoken about it. However I don't tend to discuss religion with people and have had no issues with sending my DC to the local Catholic school.

Ofc I can't comment for Cauldercruix specifically, this is just my limited knowledge of the surrounding areas. I think so long as you don't go around shouting about your religion you should be fine.

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