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Is Birchgrove nice?

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barmouthdreams Sun 07-May-17 11:35:30

HI everyone,
I have posted before so thanks everyone for your help. We have seen a house we may actually be able to afford in Birchgrove. Is that an okay area? It seems to have ok welsh schools in the catchment, and I would like to learn welsh ( I have been learning gaelic in Scotland).
Have also seen a house in Aberthin, which would be a different sort of life, but also wonder if people know if this is a nice village?
After seeing house prices, when I see something we can afford I am staring to think, what's wrong with it? : )

ShangriLaLaLa Sun 07-May-17 15:20:57

Hi again Barmouth. I don't live too far away.

It depends on the road. Some of the quieter roads and cul de sacs are lovely. Some bigger roads and cut throughs are VERY busy. Caerphilly Road is one of the main arteries into Cardiff and is pretty much constant traffic, day and night. Also, it is on the doorstep of the University Hospital of Wales. Parking there is a nightmare (and expensive) so you often find parking is tricky on surrounding roads.

Schools are fine with a good range of primaries and Cardiff High (possibly the highest regarded state school in Cardiff) within the area. If the Welsh primary is Ysgol Y Wren, then that has a great reputation.

The local pubs are ok but nothing special in my book. It has the best fish and chip shop in North Cardiff!

It is walking distance from Whitchurch which has quite a nice cafe culture and some independent restaurants and Rhiwbina which has some interesting shops and a villagey atmosphere.

It is definitely friendly!

ShangriLaLaLa Sun 07-May-17 15:22:26

To be clear, I was commenting on Birchgrove, not Aberthin. I've never visited. Maybe it's time I should!

ShangriLaLaLa Sun 07-May-17 15:24:16

And should be Ysgol y Wern. But maybe it's Ysgol Melingriffith, equally good.

I'll stop now! wink

Inneedofwinenow Sun 07-May-17 17:10:11

While you maybe in the catchment for Cardiff high it is highly unlikely you will get in from Birchgrove as the school is heavily oversubscribed. More likely would be Whitchurch high which I think has been in special measures or llanishen high. It depends how young your dcs are and also how long you envisage staying

barmouthdreams Mon 08-May-17 10:14:00

Thanks everyone. I really appreciate the comments. Our children are very young. I found that the house would currently be in the admission area for welsh and catholic schools (secondary and primary) which seemed to be good schools.
I'm really tempted by this house, DH less so. He is keen on Cowbridge, but I think a city life would be better for me as I will be at home with the kids until I manage to retrain and get a job!

ShangriLaLaLa Mon 08-May-17 10:34:19

Is it the Birchgrove house that you originally liked or have you been looking at others?

barmouthdreams Mon 08-May-17 11:12:40

We've looked online at a few, but I really like the Birchgrove one as we can afford it, has a nice garden and it seems quite central and close to nice parks.

ShangriLaLaLa Mon 08-May-17 11:30:00

I have a friend who lives in the same street. Moved in 20 years ago and loves it so much they wouldn't dream of leaving. Very happy!

barmouthdreams Mon 08-May-17 11:45:40

: )

CottonSock Mon 08-May-17 12:39:51

Echo comments above... are you sure budget would work in cowbridge? I think its very expensive

barmouthdreams Mon 08-May-17 13:16:21

I was surprised too that we could find somewhere in Cowbridge, but have seen a place in our budget - a modernish house so maybe less popular? (where I live traditional properties command a higher price). The garden was a bit odd and on a hill, so maybe that is also why it is in our budget? But we'll have to compromise somewhere for what we can afford.

CottonSock Mon 08-May-17 14:13:55

Cowbridge is lovely. Not on the train if that's a consideration.

Ame40 Sun 04-Jun-17 15:34:59

I know both areas quite well and would def recommend Aberethin. This would feed into Cowbridge High which is outstanding. I live in Cardiff now and wish we'd bought in the Vale in hindsight!

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