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New to area, need friends πŸ˜‚

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LucyArlo2 Thu 04-May-17 18:33:52

Hello, I'm Lucy.

A young mum, who just moved into the Sholing area with a beautiful baby boy whom is 8 and a half months. We are looking for some play dates to have a good chatter and a cuppa with.

Thank you, be in touch. WE LIKE PEOPLE 😊😊

Hantasaur Sat 25-Nov-17 18:39:56

Hey Lucy smile

I live in Sholing and my son is just over 8 months! Where have you moved from?

Dondons83 Tue 05-Dec-17 09:26:16

Hi Lucy I’m in woolston very near to sholing . I have a 3 month old and 6 year old and very much looking for some mummy friends πŸ€—x donna

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