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Looking for Mum friends in Telford

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Sonialb84 Wed 03-May-17 22:35:04

Hello everyone,
First time posting on here so hopefully it will help. I'm a busy, working Mum of 3 who is in desperate need of a social life. My friends have all drifted away and moved out of the area and I feel so alone. I have a fab husband but I never go out and have any ME time. It may sound selfish but I work really hard and as my kids are getting older it seems everyone in my family is going out and I'm not as needed as I once was.
Are there any other Mums out there in the same position? Or am I just feeling incredibly sorry for myself?

Lalala2018 Sat 27-Jan-18 18:24:34

Hi I have recently moved to the Telford area and would be happy to meet other mums in the area. I realise you posted this a while ago but if you are still looking to meet up with other local mums, that would be great.

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