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Milton Road Primary School

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Gracie444 Wed 03-May-17 15:03:42

Does anyone have any experience of Milton Road Primary school recently? I've heard mixed opinions since the most recent Ofsted reports / change in head teacher. I'd love to know from any parents what they think.

orchardy Wed 03-May-17 15:58:05

The new Head is very good and enlightened. Both mine have been through Milton Road; one now at Chesterton and one top end of Milton Road. Things definitely improving all the time and personally I'm quite happy with experiences and outcomes. I didn't recognise most of the criticisms in that most recent Ofsted report, TBH. For example they said the reception children were slow to get reading compared to other schools. Well I seem to remember that was a deliberate policy from the teachers not to push them all to start reading too soon, and to allow them to settle in first. It hasn't held either of mine back, and last year's Year 6 got the best SATs results in the city (if such things matter - not sure they do). It's true there was a problem with the teaching in years 3 and 4 for a while, but I think that has also improved (mainly problems recruiting and retaining good teachers under previous Head who was not great). There are some great, experienced teachers at Milton Road and there's a very strong sense of community, active PTA etc. It's been good for us.

mastertomsmum Wed 17-May-17 13:39:01

Almost everyone in my son's swimming class is there. They seem a happy bunch and the parents are all satisfied.

I gather Arbury is now really good and Kings Hedges got great results last year. The latter has a new Head who was previously in a deputy role at the same school about a year ago.

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