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Volunteers needed in Liverpool

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beanstalkreads Mon 01-May-17 17:57:59

Hi there

I hope it is OK to post this here. Our charity Beanstalk is launching a new programme in Liverpool called Story Starters where we will recruit and train volunteers to give nursery school children the language and communication skills they need to start school ready to learn and ready to read. If anyone can spare a few hours a week to give some one-to-one attention to children who need support, please apply to become a Story Starter at We're looking for 40 volunteers to begin with - could one of them be you?

Thank you

beanstalkreads Fri 05-May-17 11:58:51

On Tuesday 16th May we’re in Liverpool Central Library from 10 am to 2 pm; if you’d like to find out more about the Story Starters role, do pop along during the day to have a chat with our friendly team. No tickets required!

Birdsgottaf1y Fri 05-May-17 22:10:12

Do you know what the minimum amount of time and length, is that the Volunteer has to commit to?

beanstalkreads Sun 07-May-17 10:34:06

Hi there. We ask Story Starters to work with three children each, chosen by the nursery, and to commit to volunteering in the nursery for at least one hour per week twice a week (plus travel time) at regular times every week during nursery/reception hours as agreed with the setting, and on at least 30 weeks in the school year. The full role description can be found at Hope that helps.

Birdsgottaf1y Sun 07-May-17 13:12:15

Thanks. I've become disabled,as in my mobility is poor, but so are my energy levels, so I don't want a big commitment.

I'm in the Royal, that Tuesday afternoon, so might pop in the Library.

mrsfmwood Mon 08-May-17 22:38:47

I love the idea of this and 2 hrs a week could be doable for me. I have an 11 week old baby, can he come with me while I do this??

beanstalkreads Fri 12-May-17 13:06:04

Hi there.

Unfortunately, the Story Starter role would require full attention on the child(ren) you're working with in the nursery and it would be difficult to do this whilst fulfilling caring responsibilities for another child. Thank you for your interest though and perhaps get back in touch when your little one is a bit older?

beanstalkreads Tue 13-Jun-17 18:51:12

Our next Story Starter Drop-In Day for people interested in volunteering in a local nursery as a Story Starter will be held in Liverpool Central Library on 26th June from 11 am to 1 pm. We hope you can make it if you have any questions about the role - or apply at

beanstalkreads Mon 17-Jul-17 11:24:43

Hi All, our next Drop-in Day will be on the 8th of August at the World Museum Liverpool from 10.30 am to 1.30 pm. We hope to see you there!

beanstalkreads Fri 06-Oct-17 12:37:52

We're placing our first few Story Starters but still need more to come forward. If you know anyone who might be able to spare a couple of hours a week to help nursery children with their communication and language skills please ask them to get in touch - more info at

And please share this video of our famous supporter Dolly Parton!

Modryb Tue 10-Oct-17 06:57:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ElizaDontlittle Mon 23-Oct-17 11:09:38

Just in Liverpool or across Merseyside? Would consider this if there were nurseries in eg Birkenhead taking part.

beanstalkreads Tue 24-Oct-17 12:36:23

We will be working across Merseyside - please do complete a form and we will pass on to our local team.

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