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Bletchley as a place to live - yes or no?

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Earhat Sun 30-Apr-17 18:28:47

Thanks in advance if you reply to this. We are thinking of relocating westwards and I was wondering about others thoughts on Bletchley. Seen some reasonable houses but want to know what locals think, or any people with hindsight on the move.

namitababe Sun 20-Aug-17 17:21:18

yes. though there is a lot of Edwardian housing one would see in many other towns in the country, as well as 1960s council estates. if these aren't one's thing, then no. However, it's not that bad for shopping, transportation (it has a station with good access to London, Birmingham, even as far as Wales and Glasgow), and there are good parks, supermarkets, etc. nearby.

The newer parts of MK are more to my liking, as i am starting to rent in Kingston. I just don't like 1960s architecture, which is why I woudln't live in Bletchley, though overall it's not bad.

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