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I have no friends no confidence because of my old friends and I'm struggling to trust people help I want some friends

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preston57 Sun 30-Apr-17 14:49:43

I have no friends no confidence because of my old friends
Hello all my name is Nicola and 38 and I have no friends I want to true friends and to deal with this no friends list friends that use me I want to be friends of gossip to have a laugh go out shopping go for A drink houses go to girly weekend is away but ended up losing my confidence due to these people

1 / did everything together but then when I got married she didn't bother with me as Match I will text her she won't text me back I will call for a chat and she also said she's busy on these two way street of coming to see me

2 / my second friend I would walk to school with her she came for a coffee after she recently separated from my partner The walls we seem to be around in the crowd together like I found that weird he would let her out as much when he was there her TV broke he won't give in the money went in for a joint loan Help her out she paid one weeks then she said she can't forward to pay and every time I asked for the money she said she can't forward it I ended up having to pay it all off and didn't even get a thank you and I shouldn't bother with me after that

3 / my other friend only want to know me when she wanted help out but never want to help me out she do anything for the people part from me

4 / stop being friends because her daughter bit my son and I told her off she said because her daughter had down syndrome that she didn't know what she was doing she never told her she shouldn't do that

5 / did loads of things together go shopping take the kids school and pick up together go to each other's house for tea and then sometimes at dinner her old friend who she been friends with for years but she didn't say all the time didn't like me because I was spending too much time with her friend she told her she had to decide who she wanted to be friends with you because I was a new friend I was the one to go even though she never seen her friend all the time

kittycat91 Sun 21-May-17 19:27:24

Hiya where abouts are you from. I can sort of see how you feel. I lost friends over the years and do sometimes feel like I'm alone sad feel free to drop me a message. Xx

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