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Chandlers Ford Schools

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Mouska Sat 29-Apr-17 12:54:41


We are looking at buying a house in the Chandlers Ford area (Hampshire). We have looked at the OFSTED reports for a number of the primary schools in the area, but what we really are looking for is the 'local knowledge' of these schools.

The schools in the area are:

Knightwood Primary
St Francis Primary
Chandlers Ford Infants
Merdon Junior School
Hiltingbury Infant and Juniors
Scantabout Primary
Fryern Infant and Juniors
St Swithun Wells Primary

We would like to know about the local reputations of the schools and the experiences that people have had with them. Are you able to advise?

If you have knowledge of any of the primary schools near the area, such as Otterbourne, John Keeble or Compton, we would be interested in that too. If we have missed any schools in the area, please do add them to our list. We are looking for the positives and negatives so that we can make a well informed decision based on balanced facts.

Thank you.

fordbird Sat 29-Apr-17 18:20:29

Well, first of all St Swithun Wells is for Catholic families, so you might want to discount that if you are not a practising Catholic.

Fryern and Scantabout are usually not the first choices of parents.

I don't think it matters terribly which other primary you choose, the dcs have friends from all of them. What you do want to make sure of is that your house is in Thornden catchment. Toynbee (the other secondary) is all right, but it is not Thornden.

Actually the Hiltingbury schools in recent years have had quite a strict catchment. People I know who live one road outside the catchment failed to get their ds in. The priciest houses in the CF area are in Hiltingbury, which I suppose accounts for the most, er, middle-class pupils being at that school, if that's what you're looking for!

Dilligaf81 Sat 29-Apr-17 23:17:59

I'd say we are very lucky in the ford and all the schools are good it depends on your child. What I would say is you have very little hope of getting into an out of catchment school.
I visited chandlers ford infants, fryern and scant about when we moved here and decided on fryern as the atmosphere and teachers felt right. I havent been dissapointed, my August dc is now in year 8 and was in all the top sets which is an achievement.
Regarding secoundary schools toynbee and Thorndon are the local schools with Thorndon having the best reputation but actually on results toynbee has overtaken them. Another consideration is Thorndon do expect their students to have outside tutors which made my decision for me.
Look for the house to suit you knowing that we are spoilt for choice.
Good luck.

fordbird Sun 30-Apr-17 18:03:21

I don't think Thornden expect you to have outside tutors! That would be a lot of tutors if every pupil had a tutor for every subject!

Ds never had any tutors, and the only tutoring I know went on was when one of the Maths teachers went AWOL in Yr 11.

You need to look at the EBAC scores for a secondary, which includes English, Maths, Science, Humanity and a MFL. Some secondary schools' results appear at first to be quite good, but if you strip out some GCSEs they are including, such as Health & Social Care and Photography, then you'll be able to see the true picture.

User68534603134 Mon 01-May-17 17:00:47

All the primary schools are good here, most people tend to base their choice on what secondary they're going for. The village schools all have good reputations too.

ReluctantCamper Mon 01-May-17 21:30:58

As others have said, the local schools all have great ofsteads, so I'd suggest deciding how bothered you are about being in thornden catchment, then picking where you want to live and going to the local school. The different neighbourhoods do have very different housing stock, and some distinctive traits. So knightwood is very much a new build estate, generally small gardens, hiltingbury is tasteful highlights and French manicure central, and so on.

Lizzy41 Wed 10-May-17 11:33:24

All our schools are oversubscribed. St Swithun Wells take a high number of non- Catholics and the headteacher runs a very tight ship keeping kids safe and looked after. It is the loveliest school in the area in my biased opinion. Don't buy a house outside of Thornden catchment, as that is the only way to get in. As a school, it deserves its reputation - it is superb and a lovely community. They have very high expectations and tutors out of school are certainly not the norm. A new smarter uniform comes into play in September.

fordbird Wed 10-May-17 11:43:01

Which my dd is not happy about - being a big fan of the micro skirt!!

fordbird Wed 10-May-17 11:43:50

What happened to the OP? No acknowledgement of our gems of worth?!

Lizzy41 Wed 10-May-17 12:15:21

Yep, au revoir micro skirt, all those sweaters I had waiting to pass down the family too.Scantabout seems a really good school, with lots of sport that my nephews love. What about colleges? Peter Symonds ok for those with ahem a relaxed approach to their studies?! OP digesting our gems perhaps?

titchy1977 Wed 24-May-17 08:05:12

Sorry to high jack this thread, hope you don't mind but am in a similar situation.
We are looking to move to Chandlers Ford,
I have 3 children one will be going into reception in September, one to year 3 and the other into year 6. We are looking at is near Bornemouth road so I think we are out of the catchment area for Thornden school but in the catchment area for Toynbee, what is this school like? Are the primary schools all good? They love ok like they are over subscribed except Nightingale and Fryern, I don't come from the area so this is all new and quite scary!! Thanks

SailingWidow Wed 24-May-17 10:01:15

titchy Friends DCs go to Toynbee and they are very happy with it. I looked at the results when the eldest transferred there and thought they were pretty good.

lizzy Symonds, Barton, and Tauntons all have good reputations. Start looking early in y10 to get your head around it. For less academic Eastleigh is also v good plus Sparsholt for 'outdoor' stuff. Brockenhurst also can give combinations not possible elsewhere. Fantastic choice in this area.

titchy1977 Wed 24-May-17 11:42:03

Ok thanks, I've read good things about Toynbee too but wondered what people's opinions were.
What about primary schools, do you know what nightingale school is like?
Thanks again smile

Lizzy41 Wed 24-May-17 13:53:35

Go for St Swithun Wells Primary if you can. If you have a child that can be a bit rebellious, avoid Toynbee and buy in Thornden catchment.It is worth it!

Lizzy41 Wed 24-May-17 13:57:41

Sailing widow - thanks. He has decided on PS for A levels.Do they have to decide on subject choices when they apply? I suppose there is flexibility depending on exam results?

SailingWidow Wed 24-May-17 18:20:12

They have to apply by early December y11. They need to put expected subjects plus an extra one I think.

They have an interview, but it isn't really a selection interview, it is more checking that their subjects tie in with any career aspirations and that they understand what it entails (if for example they are picking up something 'new' like philosophy).

PS visit certain schools and do interviews on site rather than you having to go to them.

After GCSEs they can go to taster days and try taster lessons in their chosen subjects, and I think at that time they can adjust subjects.

After results, they have enrolment day where they officially sign up and confirm subjects. DD had to take along her results slip I think.

You can in theory swap subjects late on (up to around 2-3 weeks into starting even) but if the other course is full then you are out of luck.

If there is any chance the DC won't get required results then don't be away for results day or enrolment!

Lizzy41 Thu 25-May-17 12:20:11

Sailing widow - thanks that is all useful info

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