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Advice needed: looking for family areas in kensington and chelsea

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summer90 Sun 23-Apr-17 20:01:49

Hi everyone,

I'm new to mumsnet so sorry if i'm not posting in the right place.

DH and I are looking to move to Kensington and Chelsea within the next 3 months from Scotland. We are very excited yet apprehensive, it will be a big change for us after living in the Scottish countryside.

Would really appreciate any advice/suggestions on fairly quiet family friendly areas with lots of greenery, baby groups and nursaries close by. Nice cafes and libraries would be a bonus. In short, i'm really seeking a sort of close knit community feel. I'll be a stay at home mum so lot's of things to do while DH is at work would be great. Nice parks a short walk away too is what we are after.

I''m originally from Scotland, so i really don't know the low down on the best areas for families, DH is from France. When the time comes, we'd ideally be looking for a french bilingual private school- it's not essential, but important to DH. Preferably within walking distance, but doesn't have to be. DD is only 8 months old, so lots of time to think/do open days. What sort of school commutes do mums with little ones do in london? Walk? Tube? Taxi?

A low down on the best private schools in the area would be really great. I regret to say i don't have much knowledge of the schooling system in England and nobody i can really turn to, to ask for advice.

Back to the house move, would it be worth consulting a relocation specialist? We aren't specifically looking for our forever home but certainly for quite a few years! We have a good budget of around 5mil.

Sorry for the huge essay!

Thanks everyone.


SherbrookeFosterer Mon 17-Jul-17 21:10:24

You can walk around Kensington & Chelsea in a morning or an afternoon, to give you an idea of how compact it is.

So anywhere will be fine.

bevelino Mon 17-Jul-17 21:17:33

Summer, South Kensington has lots of French families and the Lycee school is located there. However, there are also bingual nurseries in Kensington and North Kensington.

The borough is compact and very family friendly throughout. You can't go far wrong wherever you live in the borough as everywhere is accessible. For instance you can live in the north of the borough but send your children to schools in the south and vice versa as the distances are only 2 miles apart.

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