Cranford House v Queen Anne's

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Nicecupoftea123 Sun 23-Apr-17 16:46:41

Hi does any one have any personal experiences with either school which would help me decide between the 2?
My daughter has a place at both for Sept this year for year 7 and is a good all rounder, loves sports but will need some learning support any experience appreciated as struggling to make a decision

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mumsiedarlingrevolta Mon 24-Apr-17 16:53:52

My DD spent 2 very unhappy years at one of those schools but don't want to post negatively online-
It is a school that very much suits a particular type of girl-and my DD
was not that girl. She has absolutely flourished on leaving...
She has now said in hindsight that when she joined from her very nice little prep school she was not grown up enough to keep with the fast, quickly maturing "older" sensibility of the girls there if that makes sense.
There are obviously girls that are happy there but equally I know an awful lot of similar stories to mine.
I am happy for you to message me if you want to....

Nicecupoftea123 Mon 24-Apr-17 23:56:41

I'm sorry to hear she was unhappy I can guess actually
Thank you for your feedback

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mumsiedarlingrevolta Tue 25-Apr-17 07:13:46

Good luck with your choice-
Remember whatever happens you can always change.
For my DD it was the pressure to grow up so too fast that made her unhappy-plenty of time for all of that....
Think fitting in, being accepted, happy with your cohort and being encouraged, valued and nurtured are so important.
Much more than glossy facilities....

Findanotherpassword1 Sun 03-Mar-19 16:06:40

Sorry to hijackc this post - but I have to make a decision on whether to send my daughter to Queen Anne's in the next couple of days. Please let me know if it was that school your daughter was unhappy with.
Thank you

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