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Grey Court School

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Rosita Wed 19-Apr-17 23:10:31

Can any Grey Court parents give me some honest views about the school?
I know it has an excellent reputation etc etc but what is it really like for the children? How is communication with the parents and how involved do you feel? How good are they at helping children who are struggling or behind? What is the atmosphere and discipline like? Are the teachers inspiring and do they challenge all the children, not just the super bright ones?
My DS may be starting there for Year 9 and it will be a big change for him from a small school with small classes so all this stuff is critically important. Many thanks!

MrsBendyBaker Tue 25-Jul-17 11:22:54

Can I also hijack this thread please to ask a different Grey Court question?

We are looking to buy in Kingston next year - exciting - and being big advance planners, we'd ideally like to buy somewhere we can stay for a long time, which means being in an appropriate place for both primary and secondary schools. Grey Court looks fab and so we'd really like to have the option to send our kid (or kids? Currently pregnant with first one!) there. My question is - do they still operate the "feeder school" system and if so which are the Kingston feeder schools? If we live in what the "heat map" shows as the Grey Court catchment, but end up not getting into one of their feeder schools due to tiny catchment areas, would we still be able to get into Grey Court or is it all on the feeder schools?

Many thanks in advance for any help anyone can give!

NikiBarbie Sun 10-Sep-17 11:55:11

Dont know what it is like. But dont move to Kingston Mrs Bendy move to Ham which is actually in Richmond.

Move into Ham village and go to Meadlands or St Richards as primary as they are in walking distance of grey court.

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