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moving from Bukinghamshire to Colchester

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AS123 Tue 18-Apr-17 14:16:10

Hi there

at present we are in bukinghamshire my daughter got seat in CCHS. i have 7 yrs son. my doubt is -- Is colchester is better place than Bukinghamshire.

R2PeePoo Tue 18-Apr-17 16:47:41

I don't know what Buckinghamshire is like, but I have a daughter at Colchester County High and a 7 year old son. We live very close to the school in Prettygate.

I really like Colchester, close to London, close to the sea, plenty of green spaces, good schools, cultural stuff (theatres, cinemas etc), pretty good shopping. We like to cycle and hike and it's a fantastic area for outdoor activities.

It has some lovely areas, I personally know the south/west areas better than other parts of Colchester, and they would be my personal choice. Prettygate in particular has a community feel, is walkable to the town centre and has nice amenities like a library. It is also close to the Royal Grammar school should your son pass the 11+ too.

If your daughter is going to CCHSG I'd think about the length of journey you think is right for her, and for you too for all the meetings, events and parents evenings. They get increasing amounts of homework and DD is very tired at the end of the day. Especially when she has done swimming in the morning before school, as the school opens the pool up before school twice a week in the warmer months. Our house is ten minutes from school and DD is noticeably less tired than her friends, some of whom are falling asleep in lessons at this point in the year.

The school is fantastic, I have been very impressed with its ethos and pastoral care and DD has been stretched and challenged in a fun way. She really really loves it there.

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