How is Wigton and Brampton to live

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dupssylala Thu 13-Apr-17 00:28:00

Hello all, can anyone advice us on what this two place are like to live. We are moving from a city and need to live close to a special needs school in Carlisle. However, we've found some properties we like in this two areas but are unsure about them. Can anyone advice on good areas to live outside of Carlisle?!

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Angeldt Sun 18-Jun-17 08:48:38

Hello I'm aware your post is a good few months ago and it must have been a pain not to get a reply. I moved to Cumbria in 2009 but thankfully knew the area from holidays etc .Brampton is a lovely place but it is quite small but seems friendly other than having a coffee there I'm afraid I can't give any further info. Wigton is where my dentist is so I have a little more knowledge. First would I live there, sorry but the answer is no. The High Street looks shabby and unloved, there aren't many shops except takeaways and charity shops with a Lydl at the end of town. They have a good,smallish library ,think the schools are ok, dentist is really good. The distance between Brampton and Wigton is quite big so if you can live anywhere near these how about Dalston or the outskirts of Carlisle. Another thought is Wigton has a plastics factory so nearly always had a smell known as the ' Wigton whiff '.

ProudRavenclaw Fri 14-Jul-17 11:25:36

Your OP is a few months old but thought I'd ask whether you found a place suitable. I live in Wigton so if not, I'm more than happy to answer any questions you might have about the town

saza1705 Sat 22-Jul-17 16:39:19

Me and my hubby are looking to move to Carlisle next year. I'm looking for some advice on the best and worst areas to avoid. We can pretty much go anywhere. Children are grown up so not worried about schools etc. I'm a nurse so would be working at the main hospital, but don't mind driving.
We quite like villages, we have two big dogs..

many thanks.

ProudRavenclaw Sat 22-Jul-17 17:01:03

Saza I'm not completely sure about worst and best areas of Carlisle but I do know to avoid the Raffles area as much as possible (although I think it has all been renamed now, but I'll try to find out what they've been renamed as). I know a lot of people prefer the Stanwix area, but I can't say if that is personal preference on their part or if it is in fact the best area of Carlisle. There is also the option of towns and villages on the outskirts or a small distance away. There's Brampton, Houghton, Wetheral, Longtown, Dalston and others to research. Hope this helps a little

73Marie Mon 28-Aug-17 07:58:54

Hi. Just a thought, if your buying consider checking the flood risk in the area. Ibe lived through three devastating floods in cumbria so far, two of them badly affecting carlisle.

Best of luck with your search.

caggie09 Mon 28-Aug-17 09:08:52

Avoid Botcherby in Carlisle. Possibly the worst place in Carlisle. A very rough areablush


Gregoryand5 Tue 03-Jul-18 21:42:02

I was very disappointed about your answer regarding Wigton but typical of the misconception that exist regarding areas and town. In response to ‘The schools are okay’ Wigton has one of the best comprehensives in England it has been outstanding for 13 years and is equivalent to a private school for free. The primary schools are also exceptional. The town is 15 miniuts from Bassenthwaite Lake and 25mins from Keswick, both in the the ensco world heritage site the Lake District. I can clearly see Skiddaw from my door - stunning. The town centre is full of local independent stores, there are 3 charity shops, 3 butchers, 2 gift shops, 1 art shop, 1 interiors shop, 1 craft shop, 4 eateries, 3 hair dressers, 2 barbers, 1 fruit shop, tailors to her majesty - and a lot more besides - I think I’ve made my point here!! There is a very large coop and Liddell - Tesco wanted to move her but ran into financial difficulties, so withdrew. Dalston also has a large factory on its doorstep Nestle - no mention of this in your description!! The factory at Wigton prints money for the Bank of England and other currencies - I’ve smelt the ‘pong’ about 5 times in 13 yrs - I’ve smelt manure a lot more lol. In summary, Country Living printed an article that placed Wigton as the 4th best market town in England to live. I rest my case. Dalston and Brampton are also very nice but keep your snobby out dated views to yourself.

down50foot Sun 05-Jul-20 12:59:04

I am thinking of moving to Wigton it looks a lovely place to live. Can anyone confirm this

lovelyupnorth Thu 09-Jul-20 09:02:58

Got friends in Wigton. Seems okay.

Always felt a bit banjoish when visiting.

Our friends love it.

down50foot Thu 09-Jul-20 10:51:27

Thank you so much for your reply

down50foot Thu 09-Jul-20 10:58:31

sorry what do you mean by describing Wigton as banjoish Lol not sure what this means hahaha

sazba29 Thu 03-Sep-20 15:45:48

We too have been looking for around a year an a half now to move to Cumbria, and we have been to Wigton more than a few times in the last 3 years. We personally love the area, yes it is a small town, but for us as a family its exactly what we are looking for. As for the smell? I have to say I don't think we have ever noticed it (Unlike Egremont!) we are hoping to head up now near xmas smile

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