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moving to East Kilbride AREA advice please

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sojourner39 Sat 08-Apr-17 16:17:08

Hi everyone. We are planning on moving to East Kilbride in a year or so. It will be a big move as we are in Wales currently. We have no friends or family in the area and would like advice on where are the best places to live in EK.
We have three young children 8, 6 and 3. By the time we move the eldest will be toward the end of junior education. We want to be near a good secondary and good primary schools (obviously!). They will be leaving a very small village primary school.
We are not interested in night life or pubs, shopping malls
etc, our main desire would be to have nearby open spaces, bike riding and decent kids play areas and good schools. We will be looking to buy a 3 or 4 bed detached.
not asking for much !! lol.
Any advice would be REALLY gratefully received.
Thank you.

MadameCumberbatchio Sat 08-Apr-17 19:42:25

Most of the districts of east kilbride have nearby open spaces so that's an easy find! Detached houses less common.

Is it a Catholic or non-denominational school you're looking for?

Your budget will dictate which area you can reasonably expect to live in? Without being rude can I ask what your budget is and I'll do a search for possibilities with a run down of area pros and cons?

sojourner39 Sat 08-Apr-17 21:38:03

Hi thank u Madamcumbatio (!!) We will be looking between 180 to 200k.
School wise we wouldn't be wanting a Catholic school but we are very happy with schools that have strong Christian values in them (do they have Church of Scotland schools like England has church if England schools?). Interesting that detached are less common. We r in a semi now and we've always said we would never buy a semi again as u never know what your neighbours r gonna be like - our current neighbours are lovely but we've had some very loud ones too (our next door is rented into 2 flats).

Thank u for offering up your help and time 😊

MadameCumberbatchio Sat 08-Apr-17 21:49:15

Ok, so the primary schools are much of a muchness- so I wouldn't worry there. The Secondary with the best results in the area is a Catholic school called St Brides.

However, I believe it's quite strict on catchment because so many people would like to attend.

The area it is in is part of East Mains verging on Calderwood. It's one of the more expensive parts of the original old town. East Kilbride village is within East Mains which is the original shopping precinct- quite quaint looking, few pubs and restaurants and hairdressers. Very handy.

There is open space nearby, cycling paths are decent and you're a 20 minute cycle away from Calderglen Country Park (great woodland trails.) It is quite a built up area though but with lots of character. You're also in decent proximity to the only train station in East Kilbride which takes you to Glasgow. (Parking is impossible so to be within walking distance is very handy indeed.)

The market is pretty buoyant in this area so it's worth checking regularly through Rightmove and S1homes as well as GSPC.

Village area

Village area

MadameCumberbatchio Sat 08-Apr-17 21:52:33

If you spot any houses that you want to know more about the area feel free to post them up and ask smile

sojourner39 Sat 08-Apr-17 22:05:06

Great thank u so much for taking the time to write all that. So East Kilbride village is an actual place?! I hadn't realised that. I like the thought of living in part where there is more character and beibg xlose ti the train station - id have thought there would be more than one station in EK as it's such a large town. Are there any other good high schools given St Bedes is so popular and strict on catchment?

MadameCumberbatchio Sat 08-Apr-17 22:33:05

Calderglen is the next ranking school I think (if memory serves) but it's non-denominational. It's actually not far away from St Brides either- it's in St Leonards with catchment coming from St Leonards and Calderwood.

St Leonards and Calderwood are two of the original districts, there's less character than the village as it tends to be 1950s-70's housing rather than pre-war and there are some parts of (particularly Calderwood) that I would say are quite rough. That said, your money should go a bit further there. There's a new (1990s) estate of private housing that straddles the two areas called Brancumhall, its surrounded by playing fields and again isn't far a walk/cycle to Calderglen.

For such a large place, EK isn't well served for trains! There are bus routes but the traffic is pretty abysmal in the morning and so for commuting to town it could add another hour to an hour and a half to it by bus.

Another area to consider is Hairmyres. I don't know the schools out that way particularly well, but it's a reasonably affluent area with it's own train station. I think it still counts as East Kilbride but it's a bit leafier and quieter.
This one is a bit (!) of a doer upper but has a cracking garden. Also first detached I've come across! hairmyres

There's also new housing estates such as Stewartfield and Lindsayfield which qualify as East Kilbride but are relatively far out from the main sprawl. However, neither has good public transport links so you will be car reliant. (From memory it was also a pain when kids get to teens and need to be ferried everywhere!)

And before I forget- remember the bidding system is 'Offers Over'... depending on the area it can get completely out of hand.
With EK, I'd reserve an extra £10-£15k so that you can up your offer if need be. (In other areas like East Renfrewshire, houses can go up to £50k over Offers Over so it can get silly.)

sojourner39 Sat 08-Apr-17 22:46:09

Thank you loads. You've been absolutely brilliant. I'm Sure we will have loads more questions as we go on! Thank u 😊 x

MadameCumberbatchio Sat 08-Apr-17 22:50:03

It's no problem. It's a funny area to get your head around because it's so big! Good luck on your search!

undecidedvoter Sun 09-Apr-17 22:14:14

Another EK resident here if you have any other questions!
I'd stay in The Village if I had a choice although Stewartfield is lovely and not too far from the train station. There are no truly awful areas to live in.
The 2 high schools other than St Andrew's and St Bride's are both non-denominational. The Catholic schools all accept non-Catholic students but I think they are expected to observe and respect any religious elements.

Practise driving round roundabouts before you move up. There's over 85 of them in the town.

sojourner39 Mon 10-Apr-17 09:23:58

Thank you undecided voter! ! Is st Andrews also a Catholic school? What are the non Catholic high schools called and are they any good? We've had a look at rightmost and there's not many houses in the village that we can see but both myself and my husband prefer the sound of that part of town. It would be good to be in the older part and nearer the hub of things. We r hoping to holiday in Glasgow this summer and so will be able to visit EK to have a drive around. thank u for your message

undecidedvoter Mon 10-Apr-17 10:00:41

There are now only 3 mainstream high schools:
"St Andrew's and St Bride's" was created by merging the 2 existing Catholic secondaries and is near the town centre/Village.
Duncaring is in the Westwood area and Calderglen High is in St Leonard's area. They are the two non-denominational high schools.
If you are looking at housing, East Mains is another older area just beyond The Village.

MadameCumberbatchio Mon 10-Apr-17 12:35:38

East mains and West mains both worth looking at if the village takes your fancy.

A lot of the big websites like rightmove don't list the district- only the street name. It might be worth making an appt with some of the local estate agents. (We used Joyce Heeeps when we moved).

sojourner39 Tue 16-May-17 22:31:23

Hi ladies me again. Please can u help with this area G45 9PW. I know it isn't East Kilbride per say. It's about 3 miles north I think. Is it no man's land?

undecidedvoter Tue 16-May-17 23:18:18

It's Castlemilk, the very south edge of Glasgow. It's mostly a council estate with a couple of new build private estates at the southern edge. It wouldn't be my preferred choice of area. Google Castlemilk.

MadameCumberbatchio Tue 16-May-17 23:28:19

Castlemilk is an area that has some issues. There's some great people there and the head of the local high school is working realllllllly hard and doing a great job considering how poorly the school was doing previously.

But it's a bit wild.

sojourner39 Mon 22-May-17 20:55:15

OK thanks for the warning ladies lol!! It's so hard finding a house in EK as there's not a lot for sale for the size we want and the money we've got. Seems to be extreme with no in between.
A very random slightly off topic question but do any of u ladies know if the schools in EK and surrounding areas have music tuition provision. Here in Flintshire we r lucky as there is a big thing about kids learning music so at age 7/8 they get to choose an instrument and have once a week tuition in a small group for a small annual fee (135 quid to be precise). Mt eldest has been learning the flute and loves it. There's no way we could pay to keep it up privately. Just wondered what the schools provided music wise other than the basics.? Thanks in advance for your pearls of wisdom!

MadameCumberbatchio Mon 22-May-17 21:55:05

They do have a music programme that usually starts around Primary 4. Usually options for strings, brass and woodwind.

It varies from school to school but the system is fairly decent. There's also local youth orchestra groups/learn an instrument based in schools at the weekends in the wider local area so there's a few options.

Given that it's the run up to the school holidays a lot of people will have moved to the area for school catchments etc- it's always a very quick market at this time of year. I'd be tempted to find a stopgap home - one that is fine for now and then wait until you know the area better before you make the next move. Maybe even rent for a bit.

undecidedvoter Mon 22-May-17 22:27:16

What about the furthest south edges of Cambuslang? There's some nice newer estates like

Elllicam Mon 17-Jul-17 20:46:23

We live in Newlandsmuir so not far from Hairmyers. Hairmyers has a small station as well. I quite like Mossneuk/Gardenhall and Mossneuk primary is very well though of. We are looking at Auldhouse primary, it's just outside of EK but it is such a lovely school. It has about 40 kids in the entire school. They are building new homes up that way too, Benthall farm development. Strathhaven is lovely too if you like the village feel. There is an East Kilbride mum's group on Facebook, they might be helpful too x

Elllicam Mon 17-Jul-17 20:47:03

Strathaven even

user1491600120 Wed 27-Sep-17 19:43:56

Hello. OK can anyone tell me anything about Galston as a place to live and bring up kids. I'm not too bothered about high school as by the time my 3 (possibly 4 blush) are that age I may have decided on home schooling anyway [gulp]. But we noticed we could afford a decent sized house in Galston compared to East Kilbride. We visited EK in thr summer and loved it but the larger houses are expensive and few and far between. Any thoughts on Galston and surrounding area. We've heard BAD things and out Kilmarnock so that's a a no no. Thanks in advance xx

user1491600120 Wed 27-Sep-17 19:45:27

Thank you Elllicam for your comment I don't know why I didn't see that at the time.

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Wed 27-Sep-17 22:58:18

No idea what its like with small kids but I personally couldn't live in Ayrshire. The public transport is too poor/sporadic and it feels pretty cut off/insular.

If you're thinking about homeschooling you'd probably be better somewhere a bit more cosmopolitan to be close to homeschooling networks.
There's steiner/montessori nurseries in the West end of Glasgow if that's your parenting ethos.

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