Parents with special needs children

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dupssylala Mon 03-Apr-17 19:51:23

Hello everyone,
Please we would like some advice about special needs schools in Cumbria, particularly James Rennie school in Carlisle and Sandgate school in Kendal?!
My family and I are looking to relocate to the beautiful Cumbria for a better lifestyle, school and care provision is highest on our priority for our son who is 11, and due to start high school in September. We want to move before the start of school year so it works alongside his transition. I have a few worries which i hope chatting to mums who are already in this system will help answer to a point or lead me to the right direction.
1. What is the care plan like for children and adults with special needs in Cumbria
2. Are there holiday clubs and after school clubs available?
3. Are there groups for parents
4. How is Safety, anti bullying and discrimination handled in Cumbria

This are few but major concerns for us as a family and i would like advice and support please

Thanking you all

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Sunflowersmiling Tue 04-Apr-17 23:11:51

Hiya. There's not much traffic here on the cumbria page, it might be worth posting on other pages too?
Sorry I can't be a lot of help, however I hear good things about James Renine school from friends.
Cumbria recently raised the threshold for support, so it might be worth speaking to the local school before you move to get an idea of what's available/possible? Generally I think it's really a friendly place up here...most parents support each other. Xx good luck with your move!

Wetoopere Tue 11-Apr-17 19:50:59

Special Schools all pretty good. James Rennie much bigger and therefore lot more to offer than the others just because of resources.
No idea on clubs or parents groups, they tend to be linked to schools but because of the widespread nature of Cumbria they can be limited depending on where you are.
Not much in the way of Social Care
as due to cuts it can be difficult to get support in place.

dupssylala Wed 12-Apr-17 21:28:39

Thank you ladies for the messages and advice.
Wetoopere and sunflowersmiling, We are looking for properties close to James rennie school as we feel more positive about the school also.
With regards social care, think that's pretty much everywhere. The worry for me would be if there wasn't anything at all or if we couldn't continue the care he has now,aiming to hopefully get a better one.
Thanks anyway

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dupssylala Thu 13-Apr-17 00:23:39

Also, can anyone enlighten us a bit about Wigton and Brampton? What are this places like to live, and what's the community like?

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