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Proposal to build a cement plants on Wimbledon/Tooting borders!

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HaydonWomble Sun 02-Apr-17 15:50:46

Did you know there's a plan afoot to build a cement works, tucked away behind Garfield Park? Not great for local residents (or their house prices) and young children at nearby primary schools (Garfield in particular, and if the wind is blowing the wrong way, The Priory and Holy Trinity too).

Doesn't seem like a sensible idea at all, does it? If you don't think it is (who would?) speak now before it's too late. Comments being accepted here until 12 April so the clock is ticking.

twistedblister Mon 03-Apr-17 15:02:04

Why this has to be built in an inner city area is beyond me. Ok it saves on transportation costs for the firm but at the detriment to everyone living around it. Just say NO to this one.

Willemdefoeismine Tue 11-Apr-17 19:47:01

The air will be even less healthy than it currently is (with general traffic pollution) sad. Think the site is occupied by a scaffolding company at the moment - which is a lot less detrimental to the environment and a preferable option.

Aren't there any rules about such things not being allowed near residential areas (and some of the housing stock nearby is quite desirable)?

HaydonWomble Sat 22-Apr-17 08:16:37

A poster on a local FB group showed this mock-up of how things would look with the cement plant in situ. Eyesore is an understatement angry.

I'm not sure that's actually how it would like in reality - think it would be more 'right-field', off more towards the Blackshaw Road side (and visible mostly from the neighbouring wildlife park as we like to call it).

Certainly a potential massive blot on the local landscape and bound to impact adversely on house prices locally would have thought.

LocalEditorMerton Mon 24-Apr-17 06:20:00

Just read in the Wimbledon Guardian that the Merton Council meeting to discuss this (scheduled for 20 April) has been delayed a month.

twistedblister Mon 24-Apr-17 09:52:39

What really worries me is contractor lorry drivers hurtling along residential roads whilst checking their mobile phones.

HaydonWomble Sat 20-May-17 09:27:35

It seems to have been delayed again (being discussed) for the second month running. Apparently it's not on the agenda for the Merton Council Planning Committee meeting due to take place on 28th May.

Curiouser and curiouser hmm

Let's hope it's a good sign - that plans to build the cement plant are going to be dropped.

HaydonWomble Sun 02-Jul-17 10:47:21

Apparently the plans have not been dropped - they're going to be discussed at the Merton's Planning Applications Committee (PAC) on Tues. 18 July. Interesting update here.

AlexWimbledon Sun 02-Jul-17 18:59:27

Wow, what a fail. Hole it doesnt happen, who thought it's a good idea confused

AlexWimbledon Sun 02-Jul-17 19:01:06

It sounds like it's going ahead - someone's keep to push it through regardless going by all the secrecy.

gazzalw Tue 01-Aug-17 19:35:44

It appears that a decision hasn't yet been made (phew), according to the Haydons Road North Community Blog recent post.

You've got until 7 August to make a comment.

teddygirlonce Fri 04-Aug-17 10:19:47

Would love to know why all the delays in's now four months since this was first flagged up...

LocalEditorMerton Mon 16-Oct-17 14:11:30

If you want to have your say about this, it's now or never - due to be discussed at Thursday, 19 October Planning Applications Committee Mtg. According to this letter, "the report to the Committee recommends Grant permission subject to conditions.

gazzalw Thu 19-Oct-17 07:25:45

Apparently it has been taken off the agenda for tonight's P.A. Committee mtg. Must be about the fifth time it's happened. Wonder what's going on behind the scenes?

Teddygirlonce Thu 19-Oct-17 13:48:05

Don't get too excited. It's only a temporary reprieve - here's the local HaydonsRoadNorth blog update.

gazzalw Fri 06-Apr-18 14:23:23

Good news - proposals for a cement plant of Plough Lane were thrown out by planners.

whataboutbob Tue 10-Apr-18 16:35:41

Great- thanks for coming back to update. We’ve got quite enough environmental pollution to be getting on with!

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