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BrightNewLife Thu 30-Mar-17 22:17:51

Hi all
Would appreciate any insights into Lymington and area.

What kind of vibe does it have? Is it conservative? Liberally? Looks very pretty, and I know it from family visits years ago, but a move from abroad is sending us there.

Any kind of perspective welcome. Its probably a temporary move until we edge into Surrey more permanently.

I'm into fitness, yoga, outdoors stuff, have 3 kids. Would be good to know about sports centres, kids places etc.


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outnumbered13 Tue 11-Apr-17 22:33:39

It's lovely! In fact most of the residents who didn't grow up in the area are from Surrey and South West London so you may find you don't move back towards London and stay put. Good schools and lots on, sailing is a big thing, as is horse riding with it being in the new forest.

Beccygladstone01 Tue 02-Apr-19 23:02:07

Hello . I am nearly 18 years old and living in new Milton. I'm currently looking for a babysitting job . I've got a level 2 in childcare which I achieved an A grade in . I am a latin and ballroom dancer so looking for a job that I enjoy that I could do along side this . I am very reliable and flexible , I can drive so could also do pick ups and drop offs for school runs . I'm around in the holidays as well as any day times and evenings .
Please contact me if interested on 07927172949

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