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Gloucestershire royal hospital - recent experiences

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AllieLou Mon 27-Mar-17 23:17:18

Hello, I'm soon relocating to South Herefordshire from London and am currently pregnant with my second baby. I received excellent care (consultant-led) first time round and am starting to think about my birthing options for this baby.

Hereford hospital seems to have a bad reputation - they seem to cope with a straightforward labour, but any complications and they are slow to react (this has been reported in press and through word of mouth from friends of friends) I would like to be (and assume I will be) consultant led this time round, and am considering the delivery unit at the Gloucester hospital but can't find many recent reviews. Does anyone have any recent experiences? Thanks so much!

Jozara76 Wed 08-Nov-17 05:24:39

I recently delivered at GRH that staff were absolutely immense. I was August delivery and they were so busy working under great pressure but this never showed in their care of me. I was induced, it all started off rather slowly then dramatically picked up pace. The only trouble was, as they were so busy I had to wait longer than I could cope for a room on delivery suite. And I needed pain relief!! But they helped me through it, staff were brilliant. I also stayed in for four nights and they looked after me welll. Helped me getting baby feeding before they would let me home. Baby had infection and had antibiotics 8 hourly, the were brilliant with him also. Hope this helps. smile

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