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Formby primary school

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Blondiemammamoo Mon 27-Mar-17 18:36:35


We have just moved to Hightown and looking at Formby primary school. DD not due to start till September 2018 so will apply this September.

Just looking for people's experiences and any recommendations.
Thoughts so far (I am booked into look at) Our lady of Compassion, St Jerome's and St Lukes ce.
No point looking at Freshfield as we live too far away. No one who lived further than 0.5m got in last year.

Thanks in advance smile

AnaisB Sat 16-Sep-17 21:11:05

Formby is great for schools. I don't think there's any I'd rule out. Also Freshfields may be worth considering - I thing that last year's intake wasn't full. (2011-2012 was a low birth-rate year though.)

misspappie Wed 27-Sep-17 01:50:58

I wouldn't recommend St Lukes at all, next doors DD was horrifically bullied there a couple of years ago. Although it isn't a complete reflection of the what the school will be like when your DD is there (different children now etc). The way it was handled was appalling and you really won't receive any help or justice for your child. Woodlands is a much better option and only a five minutes drive.

Newbiecat Wed 27-Sep-17 05:11:48

I disagree entirely about St Luke's! Sadly, bullying can happen anywhere. It's a lovely school. Both my nieces went there and my sister has taught supply there. It's smaller than Woodlands. I would have a look around in person

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