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Moving to Strood?

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zena285 Mon 27-Mar-17 15:54:45

I'm new to to the board but hoping to draw on some local knowledge if possible.

I'm currently living in Tooting London and have a soon to be 2 year old. When she was born we extended our current flat to a 2 bedroom hoping to extend the time we could continue to stay put. However, my wife is now pregnant and due early August.

As it stands, my wife works part time and my Mum does a 3 hour trek to us to cover the child care for 2 days a week. With another on the way I don't really want to burden her with 2 young children, so I am thinking it is time for my wife to take a sabbatical from work, something she is not against smile

This means we need to move out of the area to somewhere a little more affordable. Selling our flat gives us the chance to buy a home without the burden of a mortgage and this would almost cover the loss of my wife's part time salary.

We have been looking around Rochester, but the type of property that we are after doesn't seem to be coming on the market. However, we have found one that we like across the river in Strood.

So, I am kind of looking for some insider information on the area. Things like quality of pre-schools and schools, baby groups, what areas are good and those that are to be avoided. I've also heard that there is going to be a lot of money spent on the area over the next few years and was wondering what peoples thoughts were on this.

I realise that at the moment the high street isn't the most attractive and on my visits to Rochester I had the feeling that Rochester High Street had all the things you want (such as restaurants and cafes) and Strood had all the things you need (such as banks and supermarkets etc).

Are there any Mumsnetters on here that have made a similar move? If so, how have you found it? My wife obviously has concerns about moving to an area where we don't know anyone, especially as she has only just established some good relationships with a couple of local moves.

Really interested in any views and thanks for taking the time to read.

GiveMeAllTheFood Sun 16-Apr-17 22:24:02

I lived in south London for 20 years after growing up in Kent and moved back here when my eldest was a year old - 5 years ago, so I knew a little about the area through teenage memories.
I don't find it particularly friendly if I'm honest, but then I haven't gone out of my way to make friends, hated baby groups, don't like pubs, don't go to church groups or anything so I find it really hard socialising! However we moved for a better house and better (hopefully) opportunities for our now 2 boys. I think the area has changed a lot since I was a child with a more diverse community (always welcomed) and a little more in terms of activities. The area I would avoid is Darnley Road, even our estate agent warned of this area and any bird named street surrounding it. It does seem to have a rep it cannot shake off. Rochester also has banks and things, there's a limit to what you can do in Strood but in all honestly, it's not the worst place you could move to!!

Lostinpeas Mon 17-Apr-17 19:40:50

We moved to strood back in 2014. I would say anywhere in Strood north, that is north of London Road/Watling street is preferable. Houses get better the further up the hill you go.

The primaries are getting better after some shocking ofsted investigations.

You could always try frindsbury, Higham, wainscott, chatteneden, and Cliffe woods.

If commuting check out clarkes coaches as well as the train.

The library run popular children's groups and there are plenty of children's centres too. A lot of folk have moved here from london so you won't be left out.

ClaraC93 Mon 26-Jun-17 14:43:40

Hi there,

My husband and I just moved to Strood and have only recently found out that we are expecting. But we are still in the midst of doing up the house etc! We both work in London and our commute is just over an hour (35 mins to St Pancras on the high speed). My husband lived in Tooting just before we married and he actually prefers his commute to work now!

As for the area, I grew up in Higham and went to school in Gravesend, but would often visit Strood, so I'm quite used to the surroundings.

There seems to be a lot of investment going on, so I think we moved at a good time. They will have finished the new train station in November 17 and 'The Gym' should be finished in Sept/ Oct.

We live up on the hill and in Frindsbury and I'm very happy so far. Yes, some areas of Strood are not so nice, but on the whole, I'm pleased. There is a lovely Catholic Church that we go to, English Martyrs, and the attached primary school on the same grounds recently received Outstanding in the last Ofsted.

I agree with the comment Rochester has what you want, Strood has what you need. But frankly, on a day to day basis, I prefer having lots of supermarkets nearby. You still have the benefit of being close enough to Rochester in case you want to go out for a nice meal etc.

Hope some of the above is helpful!

Clara smile

Flo88 Sun 27-Aug-17 08:56:03

We are planning on moving out there very soon too! My wife did her Masters at UCA and we now have a 1 year old and another on the way so the extra space is needed - central London just isn't manageable!

Daiquirimania Tue 29-May-18 12:58:59

Hello all,

thank you for the information above - I found it really useful for myself too, as my partner and I are currently searching for the Home in the same area - Rochester, Strood, Wainscott, Cliffe Woods.

I must admit, I am a little worried of how my commute will look like, as I work in London, hence the question - how do people living in Rochester / Cliffe Woods travel into London best and what are the approximate train / transport charges?

I did look up this on the SE rail, and it suggests c. 5k per annum travelling from Rochester into Cannon Street / Blackfriars.

I drive a car, but I am no sure if driving to some nearby station and parking in the car park would save money at all....?

Thanking you in advance for any good info.

Simonesmithsugar Mon 28-Jan-19 01:14:10

We are thinking of relocating to Kent and find a house in Strood. I have some questions regarding the area.

Is Strood, Kent a good area to live? What type of people live in this area? Are they good primary schools here?

Ola43674007 Fri 08-Nov-19 13:33:11

Hi,we are looking to move to Strood with our 2 kids ,one is special needs.Did u move already ?how do you like it?

Ola43674007 Fri 08-Nov-19 13:35:46

Any mums with special needs kids living in Strood?We r looking to move there ,we live in London at the moment.Just need some advice about life there,local
Schools,any facilities for special needs kids ?thank you !

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