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Advice about living in Ashby de la Zouch

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jlw1977 Sat 25-Mar-17 13:27:01

We are planning to relocate from West Yorkshire as my OH has got a new job in Hinckley. After lots of internet research we're homing in on Ashby - half an hour commute to Hinckley, 20 mins from airport (OH travels with job), 1h 40 mins back to West Yorkshire. Schools look to be OK. We're going to come down for a look around but wanted some opinions on what it's like living in Ashby. Any particular areas that are especially nice? Was reading between Tamworth Road and Leicester Road is good. Schools I was looking at are Ashby Hill Top, Ashby Willesley Primary or Ashby Church of England Primary - any thoughts on those? Don't know if anyone is familiar with West Yorkshire but I thinking I'm looking for the East Midland's answer to Holmfirth! smile Thanks all.

YeOldeTrip Sat 29-Apr-17 19:05:44

I'm not sure Ashby is quite Holmfirth but it is a great town with lots going on, enough shops to get by and well connected by motorway. I don't know much about primary schools sorry.

I don't know how often your DH is going to Hinckley vs the airport, but why not be in Hinckley and save the commuting? I think it has some reasonable schools. Did you check the travel time because traffic in Hinckley can build up a bit at rush hour.

OneOfMyTurnsComingOn Mon 18-Sep-17 13:40:26

Just found this thread. Did you move? I did the same, but moved to Coalville. It's dire, but some good schools.

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