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Help! St Martins Northwood

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Sandykundra147 Fri 24-Mar-17 12:07:59

Dear Mums
I have a son aged 8, who has just applied for St Martins in Moor Park, Northwood. However I have heard from other sources that the school actively discourages boys to leave at 11. Is that true? What does actively discourage mean? Is it true that senior schools prefer 11plus and not 13 plus? Help!

Ma518 Mon 22-May-17 00:52:25

Most school that go to 13 won't prep for 11+ and some senior schools have agreements not to take at 11 those at a prep going to 13.
If your son is 8, I would suggest looking at the senior schools you wish to apply for and seeing what the 11+ and 13+ criteria is

mammmamia Thu 13-Jul-17 07:47:00

None of the local preps will prep for 11+ and the local private secondaries won't take boys from the preps at 11+ only 13+.

mammmamia Thu 13-Jul-17 07:48:34

You need to look at the secondaries you want and find out where they take 11 + kids from.
My DS is at St Martin's by the way and it's a lovely school.

Ma518 Sun 16-Jul-17 22:40:34

I recently heard that the head at St Martins did let a student apply for 11+ as he was exceptional at sports - so i guess there are allowances ?

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