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anneyc Thu 23-Mar-17 11:42:21

My 14 year old has decided to pursue a future in dance, she currently attends contemporary dance classes but is rather a late- comer to dance and I feel she needs to broaden her skills within the field. She has opted to take GCSE dance, I think it would benefit her to start ballet classes or join a class that can offer various different styles of dance. Does anyone know of anything that fits the bill for an aspiring 14 yr old? Looking in the Bath/Bradford on Avon/Chippenham etc areas.Thankyou!

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Pollaidh Tue 03-Oct-17 22:04:44

There are two main dance schools in Bath - The Dorothy Coleborn, which is considered technically the best, and gets its kids into London shows etc, but if your child doesn't measure up then they might be culled.

Then the Deborah Curtis, which is more casual, but still Royal Academy of Dance. I've been told by someone who knows these things (I don't!) that the footwork isn't as good, so perhaps more for those enjoying it as a hobby rather than pursuing stardom.

errorofjudgement Fri 06-Oct-17 22:39:05

If you're in Bradford it's worth looking at the Chippenham dance schools which have a good reputation. Though I'm not sure if they're set up for a beginner.
Personally I recommend Just So Dance in Westbury. Amazing and friendly teaching staff, treat each student as an individual and work to get the best from each whether that's a complete beginner, or heading off to professional dance/PA courses.

anneyc Sat 13-Jan-18 23:11:13

Thankyou for those recommendations! We went with the Susan Hill School of Dance in Radstock in the end, they have been very accomodating and attached to the Bath Dance Academy.

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