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Moving to Cornwall

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ohmygoshitcanthurtthatmuch Sun 19-Mar-17 19:58:25

Hi all - am after some info on secondary and primary schools in two bits of Cornwall. Husband has a new job so we're on our way back to his home county. The first area is near St Neot. Really struggling to find a decent secondary school... anyone any opinions on Bodmin College / Liskeard Community School - are they as bad as people say - bullying especially at Bodmin? The other area is between Penzance and St Just. Mounts Bay looks good but is it or is Cape Cornwall as a smaller school better? St Just as a primary? We're a pretty laid family. Our eldest hates school and doesn't engage at all and our youngest is super bright and needs a challenge. Which area would you live in? We have to make a decision this week! eeeek! Any advice would be so welcome as totally at a loss! smile

PolkadotPony Sun 19-Mar-17 20:23:09

Hi, I live near Penzance and lived in St Just as a child and attended that primary school.

Two of my DC attend Mounts Bay. They get on well with it, have you dismissed Humphry Davy School or don't you know about it? I went there, it's another secondary school.

Ask away.

ohmygoshitcanthurtthatmuch Sun 19-Mar-17 20:36:42

Is it a good place to grow up down there? To me it seems like its the end of the earth nearly but very beautiful. The house is near Sancreed. Do they get school buses to Mounts Bay? Is it welcoming? He was bullied quite badly at primary school and hasn't quite recovered - self esteem is still quite low at times, plays the comic a lot, worries alot about making new friends, he tells me that he'll only move if he is home schooled. Is Mounts Bay as exciting as the web site looks? Yes, have disregarded Humphry Davis as he's more into sport than art and science. I guess similar questions with St Just is it friendly and welcoming for them and how is St Just? Is there a good creative community? Thank you!

PolkadotPony Sun 19-Mar-17 20:41:49

My dc love MG, one is yr7 and one is yr10. It is very exciting, there's so much on offer. Yes my dc get buses but from the other side to you, phone the admissions and transport department of Cornwall council and they will tell you. One of my dc is very sporty, however the other isn't but is incredibly academic and both flourish there. They've made friends. It is however a very strict school, there's not much the dc can get away with, so be aware of the strict uniform code and their punishment fault system. I welcome the discipline though.

I know sancreed well, my dad had a workshop there when I was younger.

I loved growing up down here, and bringing my children up here is the best. I wouldn't change it. It's safe, there's the beaches, the summer down here is wonderful.

PolkadotPony Sun 19-Mar-17 20:43:29

St Just is lovely, I lived there until I was 14. It's further out of the way than where I live now though. I don't go that way very much any more, but it's always been a nice little place. If you are creative, you will enjoy it there, but to be honest down here there's a lot of opportunity to be creative and expressive.

ohmygoshitcanthurtthatmuch Sun 19-Mar-17 21:02:00

The other thing with Mounts Bay is do the children start their options in Yr 9 or Yr 10? I cant work it out. I so wish we'd found just one house in one area and that made it all a done deal! The school the oldest is moving from sound like Mounts Bay but its very old fashioned and he is constantly on report or getting behaviour points. its draconian really. He responds well to praise but gives himself limited opportunities to get it.
Im a commission weaver so I come with quite a bit of kit and St Just looked creative on the outside but not over done like St Ives seems - please correct me if I'm wrong.

PolkadotPony Sun 19-Mar-17 21:13:48

No, that's correct.

Year 9, I think. I know he's doing lots of GCSEs stuff now. My year 10 isn't very academic but very sporty and plays football a lot there.

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