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Party rooms in Wilmslow

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Wilmslowmun Sun 19-Mar-17 13:48:46

Hi everyone, I'm trying to plan my daughter's 4th birthday party for August. We're normally away on holiday for her birthday but this year we are expecting our second baby so will be staying at home.
As she will be getting a new brother or sister a few months before, we really want to make a fuss of her.
We've decided to hire a princess to come and entertain the kids so we can sit back and enjoy it (as much as possible with a newborn!) but don't really have the room at home for a 30+kids party.
We'd like to hire a room in Wilmslow that would be appropriate but I can't find any ideas of prices online.
Ideally, it would be in central Wilmslow so it's easy to get to but, to be honest, as long as it has plenty of parking we could go further out.
Any ideas/recommendations/ideas of prices for a weekend afternoon?
Also, any advice for throwing a kid's party? It's always seemed easier to be on holiday!
Thanks in advance

Mbbcheshire Mon 20-Mar-17 08:43:53

Hi! Have you asked on the Wilmslow mums fb (always lots of great ideas on there)
Church halls are around 15 per hour. St Johns lindow is a good sized hall,
Festival hall in alderley edge
Chorley hall on Knutsford road.
The merlin has a room at the back which is great plus catering is always good. The coach and four also provide this service.
Good luck and congratulations!

CheshireEditor Mon 20-Mar-17 18:08:51

Mbbcheshire - you took the words right out of my mouth! Great suggestions! :-)

Wilmslowmun Tue 21-Mar-17 16:26:55

Thank you! I'll make some phone calls this week! I tried to ask in Wilmslow mums but couldn't understand how to do it without selling! I'm not great at using technology!

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