Moving from London to Stamford area

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pastmyprime Thu 16-Mar-17 21:04:35

Hello. I might be moving from London to either Stamford itself, or the vicinity. We have two kids (4 & 8) and I just wanted to know what people felt it was like for kids that age. Are there many playgrounds? Are the schools good? (I've looked at them all on line but i know if you live locally you can get a feel for a school and the people who go to them!). What sort of things locally would be good for that age? Is there a good gym or fitness club near by?
Having lived in London all my life, Its hard getting my head around living somewhere else! I know Stamford is beautiful, but just wanted to get a feel for the way of life and people. Oh, and the shopping....
Thank you.

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MalbecMummy Tue 17-Oct-17 00:14:44

Stamford is very London! A LOT of people have either moved back to Stamford after their time in London or have moved there because of its reputation.

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