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Oxfordlocaleditor Wed 15-Mar-17 12:17:42

It would be lovely to build more of a community amongst Mumsnetters in Oxford. I would like to organise some meet up groups for Mums in Oxford and need some volunteers to coordinate areas.Sometimes it's coffee, sometimes it's an evening out, sometimes it's a picnic... feel free to make a suggestion.

The following areas need a coordinator:
Abingdon Road
Blackbird Leys
Botley Road
East Oxford
Oxford Centre

You can volunteer to organise one by clicking on the button below. We ask that our Meet Up Coordinators organise a meet-up every 4-6 weeks and add useful listings when they have the time and inclination.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Argmum Fri 22-Sep-17 17:39:48

Hi there,

I live in East Oxford and have a seven months old boy. I'm also almost three months pregnant with the second one! 😱😊. I would love to help organise some activities.

Please let me know how to proceed!

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