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Best secondary school north somerset

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Jemmima07 Tue 14-Mar-17 08:14:59

We are moving to North Somerset and I was wondering if anyone could advise me on where to live with three children. We need a good state secondary and primary school, south of Bristol. £500,000 price max for house. We are thinking Churchill, Backwell, Clevedon or Portishead, any advise please.

AddictedIsHere Tue 14-Mar-17 16:53:53

I think it depends what the needs of your children are. Backwell has a really good school, rated outstanding. However for more artistic children, probably not the best place.

mashyup Wed 15-Mar-17 08:55:40

Mine are at Gordano, Portishead, and I've been pleased with the school.We moved from Bristol 12 years ago for the schools here

Jemmima07 Wed 15-Mar-17 10:38:37

thank you for this, where in Portishead is good to live? I have a 7 year old, 10 and 13. thanks for advice

Jemmima07 Wed 15-Mar-17 10:39:58

we need a school that will stretch them as they are all bright, love sport and need a quite strict environment!!

platform9andthreequarters Wed 15-Mar-17 14:32:09

Churchill is a good school, not sure of its current ofsted but it was particularly good for music and the arts.
If you look slightly further afield just into somerset, the cheddar valley is a sought after area to live in due to its schools. It's middle (yr5-8) then upper (yr9-6th form) Hugh sexeys/fairlands and then kings of Wessex.

Jemmima07 Wed 15-Mar-17 17:13:01

thanks so much Harry Potter fan, I will look at these schools too, do you know Gordano, is that as good as it looks?

Sunnyshores Wed 22-Mar-17 21:20:41

The Cheddar Valley is generally regarded as having the best schools in the area (see previous post). Although the 3 tier system may not suit you if all 3 at different schools.

The area has slightly more affordable housing than closer to Bristol and is more rural. Its only 15 mins down the road from Churchill. It depends what hobbies you all enjoy as to whether this would suit your lifestyles.

OzziePopPop Sun 17-Sep-17 03:02:56

We moved to Backwell from Lower Langford (Churchill catchment) we prefer Backwell as there just isn't anything for the kids to do in Langford/Churchill. Backwell has A1 schools but is a 'proper' village with shops etc and nailsea and Bristol are so easy to get to. Langford made me feel very isolated, while it's pretty it's also dead.

Theimpossiblegirl Sun 17-Sep-17 16:20:47

Mine are going through the Cheddar Valley schools at the moment and it really works for them. When I read about how difficult people find it getting their kids into good schools I count my lucky stars. It is preteen possible to get in out of catchment but if you move into the area the free buses are a godsend. I am rural but can get in the M5 in 5 minutes so it's commuter distance to Bristol via motorway or A roads.

Theimpossiblegirl Sun 17-Sep-17 16:21:26

Bloody phone.
Even possible not preteen possible!!!

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