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primary schools aylesbury

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Toddly Sat 11-Mar-17 20:42:51

Hi all, I live in a village called Weston Turville, and my dd is approaching her 3rd birthday. WT is located between wendover and stoke mandeville on outskirts of Aylesbury. I haven't been here long and don't know anyone in the area. Can anyone give me their opinion about stoke mandeville primary, Weston turville primary or bedgrove primary schools as these are my local catchment - are they any good?!

Kassy69 Tue 01-Aug-17 20:29:24

Hi, not sure if you are in the catchment for Bedgrove as I live 0.5 miles from bedgrove and I am not in the catchment. My daughter went to Weston Turville this current school year, reception class, it's a nice enough school, only 1 class per school year, every one knows each other, can be a bit clicky, clicky sometimes. Bedgrove is a 4 form school(I.e 4 classes per year group so a very large school) but Bedgrove is fantastic, my daughter went to pre-school there and she has now managed to get into year 1 this coming September. Personally I prefer Bedgrove, if you get your daughter into the pre school there( from age 3) you are likely to get a place in reception. ( I know they still have places available for this coming September for the pre school) we were just unlucky not to get a place in reception as we lived 4 miles from the school, so we moved and my daughter got a place in year 1. Hope this helps!!

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