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Secondary schools with good special needs provision and pastoral care

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Pambo14 Sat 11-Mar-17 13:54:49

Hi everyone, we are a family of 4 returning to the UK this summer after 3 years in South Africa. My 2 children will be in high school in SEptember and we have the luxury of choosing where we live in the West Yorkshire area. Any recommendations of schools which have good pastoral care and special needs provision as both my kids needs extra help, preferably in nice areas. We have already identified Holmfirth High but I am open to suggestions. Many thanks and look forward to meeting you. Pam

BikeRunSki Sat 11-Mar-17 19:26:08

I live near, but not in, Holmfirth, and my children are not yet high school age. However, I have many friends with high school age dc in Holmfirth. There is a Facebook group called "Holmfirth Community Group", maybe join them and ask?

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