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Just moved to Aberdeen

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user1489192798 Sat 11-Mar-17 01:02:09

Hi all.
I've just moved to Stonehaven from Birmingham and know no one in the area at all. Are there any groups that anyone knows of to help me meet knew people in my area? I'm completely away from all l know.
Many thanks

Wildcoast Sat 11-Mar-17 08:45:06

Hi User, do you have any children? There are lots of toddler groups in Stonehaven- eg at Feteresso church hall. There used to be a gym tots type class at the community centre on bath street. For yourself then there is the tennis club, and lots on at the leisure centre. I don't live in Stonehaven any longer (but close by!) so some of my info re kids activities might be out of date!

Aberdeenshiremum Thu 23-Mar-17 22:08:03

There are a couple of Facebook pages like mum's in Aberdeen and shire and think there was one for local walking mum's. Lots of baby groups around too

MooMusicStonehaven Sun 07-May-17 20:26:24

Hi! Moo Music is a weekly interactive music lesson for 0-5 year olds and their grown ups. Classes are launching in Stonehaven in August 2017. To find out more visit or smile

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