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Bournemouth move?

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JellyBellyBabies Wed 08-Mar-17 21:58:15

NC as possibly outing.
We currently live near Gatwick, but have moved about a bit - London for a few years and before that Bournemouth. DH commutes to London, I'm a SAHM to our 4 DCs and we're struggling, he has 4 hours commuting every day and I'm in charge of 4 DCs. We've just been down to Bournemouth to see friends and have both been wondering whether this is the right time to make a big move. We've not lived in Bournemouth for more than 10 years, so a bit out of the loop with nicer areas.
Kids are 10, 7, 4 and 2 so thinking do we go now before we have to apply for secondary and is Bournemouth even the right place? One is definitely autistic, another one may be so need to bear that in mind for schools etc.

Has anyone relocated with a big family and how was it getting them all into schools etc? I'm swinging between excitement and being terrified, but we could buy a bigger house, be near the sea and DH could set up his business nearby and be home earlier than 8pm every night. How the hell does anyone decide the best time and area to relocate to? Any thoughts on locations in Bournemouth and schools? Hoping to get them into a primary school to avoid moving them twice.
Thanks for reading, tricky to talk to anyone in RL!

TableTableReview Thu 09-Mar-17 08:42:30

We moved from London to Poole which has worked well for us.

Will it save any commuting time? If he already does 4 hours won't it be more than that including time to train station/tube? My husband drives up but avoids traffic ao is often home late, and certainly doesn't have to do it.l every single day.

JellyBellyBabies Thu 09-Mar-17 12:04:10

No - it's his company so he would set up another office down in Bournemouth and go up to London every couple of weeks. It's the commute that's the big factor in the move - he's fed up of not getting home before 8 and I'm fed up of wrangling loads of kids by myself!

TableTableReview Thu 09-Mar-17 13:02:56

Ah that makes more sense. His current office is 2 hours away but if he moved he'd move his office too?

I hear you with the hours. My husband is often away in London so it hasn't quite worked out how we planned.

Definitely move down though! I keep bumping into people at toddler groups etc that have made the move.some from the area I did!

winekeepsmesane Thu 09-Mar-17 13:07:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JellyBellyBabies Thu 09-Mar-17 13:37:08

I'm starting to think this actually might be amazing, just daunting as I will be in charge of everything to do with the move. I'm scared to move the DCs from all they've ever known sad I know people do this all the time, but scary all the same. Thinking of Southbourne Grove as shops, cafes and wine bars ;) and the beach all walkable. Big problem is schools - the catchment areas are tiny and I have 3 to get into schools, plus need to apply for secondary this year.
We're lucky that our current area is more expensive than Bournemouth, so we could get a bigger house and garden, could even possibly stretch to a 15 bedroom hotel if I wasn't worried it would turn into The Shining smile

coffeeisnectar Thu 09-Mar-17 16:47:31

Depending on your budget, have a look at Broadstone. It's a nice little village, excellent schools and is just outside of Poole. Sandbanks is a 10 minute drive, stunning beach.

It's a lovely community (and rated 3rd best place to live in the Country) and I absolutely love it here. Schools are fabulous, my DD is on the spectrum and her school have been so supportive.

I haven't lived in Bournemouth for years and I'm not sure I could cope with all the tourists and holiday makers again, we are just on the edge of it here and really don't get affected with that at all. We have nice shops, lots of local activities for kids, Poole is a 10 minute drive or 30 to Bournemouth.

coffeeisnectar Thu 09-Mar-17 16:49:06

Just to add, I moved here with my DC from Scotland when they were 13 and 6. Did struggle to get them school places at first but they both settled in really well and very quickly. My oldest is now at university and my youngest is in middle school.

JellyBellyBabies Fri 10-Mar-17 09:09:18

Thanks for all the suggestions - will have a another look at different areas. I'm not sure whether Broadstone may be a little far out from the coast etc but happy to look into it. I'm a bit fed up with having to get 4 kids in and out of the car and I think I'm looking for somewhere we could easily walk to school, shops and beach.
Does anyone have experience of the Stourfield Schools? They both look like good schools, but aware we may have to move in next door to have any chance of getting in.

anotherdorsetbum Fri 14-Apr-17 11:52:59

I live in Southbourne and my kids went to Pokesdown Primary and are now at the Grammar. Southbourne is a GREAT place to live and there are lots and lots of young prfessionals and families. There are lots of nearby schools which are good and outstanding. You would be close to Christchurch too. Pokesdown Primary is a great school and I have friends with children in Stourfield and that is a good school too. Secondary schools I would recommend the Grammers (both) or Twynham (catchment is small and doesnt extend as far as Southbourne but I believe they do take from Tuckton which is nearby. Both the local comps (Avonbourne girls and Harewood boys) are much improved in the last five years or so. Many areas of Southbourne are 'on the up' so property would be a good investment in this area. There is a buzz about Southbourne these days that was lacking before. I think with your kids the age they are it would be the perfect time to make the move. Good luck!

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