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Moving to Lancaster - Primary Schools

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SuzieJ17 Wed 08-Mar-17 08:15:33

Hi there! My husband and I are moving to Lancaster this summer for him to work in the hospital and possibly will be there long term - would love your advice!

I am pregnant with first baby and we're trying to decide where to buy and thinking about future school options (a while in future I know!) We've seen a lovely house in Abraham Heights but our main reservation is distance from some of the good schools. The other option is a house near moorside school but probably not a house we'd stay in long term. Would love people's advice on best schools and areas to live in and around Lancaster particularly if living in Abraham Heights area. What is Dallas Road like? Would a child from there be likely to get into any of the other good nearby Lancaster or village schools?

Thanks so much!

Madlentileater Wed 08-Mar-17 09:28:51

Dallas Rd is a good school, lively, with a good mix of pupils. Kids from there go to all the local high schools. Downside, they only have a yard (no field) so they have to cross the road to use a local park or walk round the corner to playing fields. Plenty of children from Abraham Heights attend.
Moorside I don't know so well but again kids go from there to all the local high schools. They do have playing fields. More of a monocultural intake I would guess.

SuzieJ17 Thu 09-Mar-17 08:03:38

Thanks so much for your reply really helpful!

cyberfairy Thu 09-Mar-17 18:56:53

My child attends Willow Lane School, the closest to you I presume and he loves it- lovely big playing fields and allotments, nature areas and outdoor classroom. too. I have worked there for years and recommend it- some snobbiness around it as has a big intake from council estate and past reputation was not so good but I am more than happy to send my child there :-)

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