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Moving from USA - to MK or Linslade - Help me decide

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Priv Tue 07-Mar-17 18:25:29

Hello Mums from Milton Keynes or Linslade. I will be moving with my family (DH,DS1 and DS2 this summer July 17. We previously lived in London before moving to USA, but are now out priced. DH will need transport links to London. DS1 will be in Yr9. We always thought we would move to MK when we came back, but looking at the school options Denbigh/Hazely/Oakgrove are all over subscribed and even renting a home in the catchment areas will not guarantee a place and he could be sent to a lower performing school miles away. So I started looking further a field and Linslade came to my attention. It has good transport links to London and Cedars Upper seems like a good school also it starts in Yr9 which is really appealing,as DS1 will be starting a new school with all the other Yr9's. When I told DH about Linslade, he said Leighton Buzzard did not have a good reputation re Drugs and the infrastructure made the traffic and parking a nightmare. What is it like to live in Linslade Leighton? Also how diverse is the demographics?
Any advice will be appreciated.

MujosMama Wed 28-Jun-17 16:22:09

Firstly welcome! I've lived in MK and now live in a village just east of Leighton Buzzard with good friends living in linslade. I would broadly agree that LB town centre doesn't have the best reputation but linslade is a separate area and does feel a lot safer. There are lots of families (my friend who live there have 2 DDs aged 5 & 6), I would say the demographic is quite mixed but that's not a bad thing I don't think. LB town centre is still close enough if you want to shop or you are within easy driving distance of the big shops at Kingston for example. Personally I loved living in MK but I work there so it made sense for me. In terms of travel yes the transport links are good from LB but just bear in mind in MK you have the virgin train line so it depends on what time of day your hubbie will be travelling as the London midland stopping trains can get quite packed and do take about twice as long to get you home sometimes. Agreed the good schools in MK are very heavily subscribed, but that's also true in LB - my friend got their eldest into Southcott at the beginning of the year but have only just been able to transfer her younger sister - before that she was home schooled while they waited on a place. Certainly rents are more affordable in Linslade! I hope that helps a bit xx

porsmork Mon 03-Jul-17 21:51:54

I've lived in LB for a couple of years, and feel totally safe and comfortable. Much more so than I did in London and worked in MK. My husband finds the commute to London fine, though does have to stand on the train occasionally. I've never had an issue when I go in sporadically for work.
The town centre doesn't appear spectacular when you first visit, as it's got a few too many pound shops, but when you dig a little deeper there are lots of very pleasant cafes, and quirky shops. It feels like a very practical working, realtively attractive town (much better than Hemel Hempstead for example). The canal running through it makes it pretty, there are nice parks (Parsons Green and for longer walks Rushmere).
Traffic can be a nightmare on a Saturday afternoon or rush hour.
As for crime/ drugs etc. I've never seen any of that. There are some kids being kids and a bit anti-social sometimes, but it's all pretty harmless. I've generally found adults and children alike to be very polite and respectful. People say good morning to you, there seems to be a very active community spirit, especially with older residents.
Basically, it's a market town that's sprawled a bit, because lots of people want to go there to live a pleasant, quiet life. It's not shouting about itself like other market towns in the area, not trying to over-gentrify, but certainly not down at heel either.
I'm on one of the newer estates in town, but would love to move over to Linslade if the right house came up.

Klaxton Mon 03-Jul-17 22:28:20

Leighton Buzzard is fine! I've not really heard anything bad about it
We live in commuter belt Bedford (thameslink) which I find also fine tbqh. Bedford and MK are more diverse but that doesn't bother me at all.

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