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Swimming lessons

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mummyceecee Mon 06-Mar-17 11:25:08

Hello all,

I am looking to get my DD into swimming lessons, she is 5 and cannot swim at the moment. Likes the water but doesn't like putting her head under. Can anyone recommend a good, not too expensive place for lessons? Ideally starting about 4/4:30pm as I don;t drive ad will be relying on buses to get to the pool.

Tried emailing about Park Rd but the contact address they gave on the website bounced back!

Has anyone been to Arnos Grove pool?

Any info apprediated, thanks all.

CaurnieBred Mon 06-Mar-17 13:21:17

Would you do Saturday mornings? There are lessons then at QE Girls with Barnet School of Swimming. I have been going to their adult classes.

Broomfield Park Swim Club do lessons at Whitings Hill School at 4.45 pm on Tuesdays - the other classes are at later times.

mummyceecee Mon 06-Mar-17 14:44:55

No, can't do Saturdays as I work so QE Girls will not work and Whitings Hill School is a bit out of the way for me, its a tube and a bus which starts adding up so something slightly more local would do better. Thanks anyway smile

Yokohamajojo Thu 09-Mar-17 10:42:53

We go to Church Farm in East Barnet by St Mary's Church and Church Hill primary, easy access via the 184 bus. I think their teachers for the first stages are excellent. Have friends who go to Arnos pool and they seem happy too

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