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Nursery for 11 month old

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AngieK46 Wed 01-Mar-17 15:38:46

I have a really sociable baby boy and i'm looking for a full time nursery placement for him to start when he is 11 months old so I can return to work. I'd ideally like this placement to be from Notting Hill Gate southwards down to Chelsea as I live and work in the area. I mostly find that the nurseries are for 1.5 years upwards? I'm a bit confused!!
Hoping to hear from other local mums with their experiences and personal recommendations please! Starting to feel a little desperate!

Lorelei353 Wed 01-Mar-17 16:32:39

My sons are both at Bright Horizons Chelsea. They take them from 3 months. Mine both started at 11 months.

There's another Bright Horizons that's a bit further West that might suit you better.

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