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Any lonely mum's of autistic children

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ccmumof2 Wed 01-Mar-17 12:30:42

Hi I have a 5 year old daughter with severe autism. I find it very difficult to take her out because of her behaviour now she is getting bigger. This is making me feel isolated. I would love to find other mums who understand the challenges and joys of raising an autistic child.

Happy2017 Wed 01-Mar-17 15:19:28

Hi op
💐 for you!
It's soooo hard I get you, my dc is older know but still a little nit at times and people don't understand there's a problem a reason why they just judge.
I hated it when he was younger but you learn to just let them get on with it and look stair all they like. But it is a bloody draining challenge.
Do you get any help support at all?

ccmumof2 Wed 01-Mar-17 20:28:32

Hi thanks for your response. My husband is good but he works all week. We have 2 other younger children and it's effecting what they can do now because one of us always has to be with my eldest. I don't have any other support.

Whirltime Wed 01-Mar-17 21:14:27

Hi there,
I am with with this. We have 3 dc's 12 year old who's autistic, 3 year old with possible autism and learning disabilities (which should be confirmed in june) and a 2 year old. My dh works full time and I look after all 3 dcs. I find I am constantly in the cycle of having to much to do and never stopping and actually feeling like I never achieve anything. It's exhausting full on and extremely lonely but I will always carry on for them.

ccmumof2 Wed 01-Mar-17 21:28:41

Hi, yes I feel the same. I have a 1 and a 3 year old as well as my 5 year old. I work evenings and look after the 2 little ones during the day. Sometimes I feel like I can't go on because I'm so tired but you do. I'm finding now that my little ones are wanting to do weekend activities but we can't manage it because one of us has to be with my eldest. I also struggle because I constantly think that we should be doing more activities with my eldest but we've tried all sorts and she's not interested in anything. I appreciate that you took the time to reply, thanks.

GinFirstQuestionsLater Thu 02-Mar-17 12:24:26

Hi, my DS has autism. Whereabouts are you in Lancashire? If you're in the north I can point you to places and groups where you'd be welcomed and your DD would be no better or worse than any other child there. I can also recommend places that can give you a break.

It's difficult to manage everything when you have a child who needs a lot of support like that.

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