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Moving to the GT

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Dormouse78 Wed 01-Mar-17 11:02:07

Morning everyone, we are taking the leap and moving back to the fine city with our young children. We are looking at the golden triangle as we are familiar with the area and have friends there. I'm wondering about schools. We have two primary age children 3.5yr and 6.5yr. We are staying towards Bignold, but have looked into Trowse and Lakenham. I'm just after some honest opinions really. I'm not an ofSted chaser, I'm more concerned with the feel of a school (bloody hippy). My 6yr old is highly sensitive, so looking for a school that will be sympathetic towards him and his needs. He's just rather introvert, not keen on loud environmentso etc. I may be asking a bit too much of any school but....
So anyone have any experiencesuggestions of the schools in golden triangle area? Thanks in advance.
P.s there may be more questions to come.

quirkychick Wed 01-Mar-17 13:16:13

Hi, we are in the Golden Triangle, my dcs are at Colman Infant and Junior. V mixed school intake socially, ethnically (v international) and inclusive with sn, deaf units in both schools which we like, dd1 is quite quiet and sensitive but has done well at both. We are actually in Bignold catchment, but when looking there was a different ht. Newer ht, I hear good things from, very much a city school so some rougher elements, but it is a through primary rather than separate infant and junior. Recreation Rd and Avenues have quite a hippy reputation but are both big schools, 4 form entry irrc and quite academically focused. I don't know much about Trowse and Lakenham tbh.

Dormouse78 Wed 01-Mar-17 13:43:54

Thanks quirkychick for your reply. I hadn't considered colman school, but the idea may have a look. I was looking at primary schools for ease really and having the children in onerror school. The fact that they have a deaf unit sounds interesting as they may be more understanding of ds needs. I throw them an email see if we can have a look round. So thanks again for your reply smile

quirkychick Wed 01-Mar-17 16:19:48

I find the Infant School better than the Junior tbh, as they are more welcoming. But both schools do lots of extra exciting stuff, recently had an International Evening for both schools and we have an evening bedtime story for Book Week. Junior school have done some good trips Harry Potter studio, kayaking, residentials. My youngest has sn if that's of any relevance, although dd1 is in Year 6 and dd2 off to Special School in Sept.

Misty9 Wed 01-Mar-17 23:33:20

My rather sensitive 5yr old is at lakenham and so far we've been impressed - grudgingly so in my case as I had my heart set on bignold. The head is leaving this year though and a new one could mean who knows what in terms of changes. My friend has DC at colman and seems happy enough with it. Recreation road definitely more hippy with no uniform policy, but is infants only and very large intake. Trowse lovely but tiny catchment and no chance if outside this I've heard - although bigger one being built for 2017 onwards so will be bigger classes...

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