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Moving to Eastbourne

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breward Mon 27-Feb-17 17:35:57

My mum (72) has just announced she has sold her house and is moving to Eastbourne (from the East Midlands).

However, she has only spent 5 days there in the whole of her life (on a coach trip last summer) and does not know a soul.

She has also just finished radiotherapy as she was diagnosed with breast cancer in Sept.

She wants to be on the bus route to the hospital, the town and seafront. Which areas should she be looking at? Where is lovely and which areas are best to avoid?

She wants to buy, has a budget of £200k and needs to be ground floor if she goes for a flat. She wants two bedrooms. Looking at rightmove this seems doable, but a bungalow seems out of her budget.

Would really appreciate some local knowledge as we are 100 miles away.

Grimsfairyfanny Sat 23-Sep-17 12:29:35

Hi breward did you get any answers to this? I'm Eastbourne born and bred so am happy to advise if you still need ? X

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