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After school/weekend/holiday clubs for 13 year old girl

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rachococo Fri 24-Feb-17 14:45:48

Hi all, I am really struggling to find anything for my 13 year old daughter to do at the weekend and in holidays. She has outgrown the previous 'clubs' she belonged too.
Many thanks

Robotwars Fri 24-Feb-17 22:46:35

What has she done previously?

Would she consider ice skating, ranger scouts, cadets, a martial art, gym membership, swimming club, dance??

Harree Fri 14-Jul-17 13:18:36

Sew Creative in Altrincham is great if she fancies learning how to make her own clothes.

Tean1 Fri 14-Jul-17 16:47:10

My daughter is 14, it is a tricky age in many ways! In the evenings, she goes to Guides once a week (moving up to Ranger soon). If you register online, a local Guides group should contact you, if they have spaces.

In the holidays, she is doing a couple of Acting holiday clubs, here are the details of the one she goes to, they have clubs in Cheadle Hulme, Gatley and Heaton Norris I think:

Thanks for the information about Sew Creative Harree, I've not heard of them before and I've emailed them for more information.

Tean1 Fri 14-Jul-17 16:48:29

My kids have also done holiday courses at the local swimming pool, I've found you need to contact them directly to see what is available as they tend just to advertise them to children who are already on their swimming lessons. My daughter and son both did a Life Saving course last year and enjoyed it.

Harree Sun 16-Jul-17 15:27:40

No worries Tean, hope its what you're looking for. My DD loves it.
I've seen mention of an Air Cadets group running in Timperley & also a company called GripAdventure doing outdoorsy type stuff. Again Timperley/Altrincham area.

whiteroseredrose Sun 16-Jul-17 15:57:23

Stagecoach Altrincham has a week long course for the first week of the holidays.

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